Another belwether of our broken system

Money Won’t Buy You Health Insurance “This isn’t the story of a poor family with a mother who has a dreadful disease that bankrupts them, or with a child who has to go without vital medicines. Unlike many others, my family can afford medical care, with or without insurance.

Instead, this is a story about how broken the market for health insurance is, even for those who are healthy and who are willing and able to pay for it.”

I absolutely LOVE this woman’s idea.  How about a nationwide petition to force Congress (and the President, BTW) to quit receiving health insurance at taxpayer expense and require them to purchase their own health insurance at market rates?

“If members of Congress feel so strongly about undoing this important legislation, perhaps we should stop providing them with health insurance. Let’s credit their pay for the amount that has been paid by the taxpayers, and let them try to buy health insurance in the individual market. My bet is that they all would be denied. Health insurance reform might suddenly not seem to them like such a bad idea.”

Our health care system is broken beyond repair, I know this to be true.  As someone on the front lines in an inner city emergency room, I can assure you that we are experiencing the slow, dreadful, halt of taxpayer supported health care; indeed health care as a consumer commodity period.  My job has a very limited life span, even were I the ideal “Rah! Rah!” employee (and if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you’ve had to realize I’m not).  Or at least, it has a limited life span in its present form–a full time job with benefits and retirement.  It may certainly continue to exist as a part time job, on a contract worker basis, with no benefits and no retirement.  And I am not certain in the least that my pay will continue to be what it is presently either; I anticipate at least a third reduction in my wage in the coming years.  If not more.

Yep, system’s broken.  Ain’t no fixin’ it neither.  But making Congress pay for their own damned health insurance is a good start.

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