I loves me a man who will get in the shit.


Originally uploaded by susancoyotesfan

He’s so irritated that I want to take his picture. Even more irritated than he was when I asked him if he would help me; hauling horse manure in rubbermaid tubs and buckets from the local stables to our garden would have taken me all day without his help.

We made I think four loads of three rubbermaid tubs (the large ones) and five buckets in our Prius, and then we were both ready for lunch. I still don’t have enough, but we pretty well cleaned out the aged manure and I don’t want to burn any plants taking the newer.

I tried to talk him into peeing in the garden but no luck….still. Maybe if I tell him it’s a fertility rite and it’s sexy? (it is)

It was a good day. I’ll think of this day when we’re enjoying our luscious tomatoes this summer. And babaganoush.

3 responses

  1. If you set up a privacy screen around your compost pile, you might be able to get him to pee in there. If you’re still having trouble, then order him a copy of the book: Liquid Gold. It’s all about using urine in gardening. šŸ™‚

  2. Peeing in the garden is good for so many reasons.
    If you can get him to try it just once I bet he’ll be hooked.
    Peeing outside feels free.
    Congrats on the shit import. Good stuff.

  3. Well his compromise is that we both pee in a bucket and take that outside. Which I’m of course fine with!

    I lived in Colorado for a while at a place that had no running water; we hauled water from about 10 miles away. We did the toilet bucket thing there so it’s nothing new; the difference is that we did have septic, just not hooked up to the house so we took the buckets outside and poured them in the pipe. If I knew then what I know now there would have been segregated buckets for liquid and solid!

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