My W.A.G. sweater is done

Here’s the sweater I’ve been swatching for and working on for forever, it seems.  I spun the yarn, it was my first fleece to finished project attempt.  The pattern is more of a suggestion, it is from the book Knitting in the Old Way which has lots of really great ideas for traditional sweater shapes/designs.  No patterns, just suggestions for gauge, needle size, and general shape.  Hence the name W.A.G. (wild-@$$ guess)

I hand spun and hand dyed some yarn to embroider flowers around the neck band, cuffs, and hip band but now that I’m finished I’m having panicky second thoughts.  I don’t want to make it ugly, but it’s definitely too plain as it is.


If the picture doesn’t show up, just click on the link, it will take you to my Flickr page….I haven’t been able to use the image linking widget since flickr changed their page — it’s supposed to be easier, but it’s not.

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