Taking a Break

I’ve been in school non stop since January 4. I have a new class every five weeks — one ends on Sunday the next class starts on Monday. I’m burned out. And my house is starting to look like those houses in that TV show “Hoarders”….

So I emailed my advisor and asked her to withdraw me from my new class that starts next Monday. I just can’t do this any more! Enough is enough already!

I’m not going to be lazing around though. I plan to clean house, re-arrange the looms and spinning stuff, and study for my Certified Emergency Nurse exam. And work overtime. We have two nurses out on maternity leave, and I can pick up as much overtime as I can handle (which isn’t nearly as much as is available). I figure one extra day every two weeks is enough. No more four days off but I guess that’s the price I pay for wanting to pay off bills while I can still get the extra shifts.

Oh yeah. And preserve all the fruit I’ll have coming in.

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