National Field Day

Well, I went to Field Day with my husband, an General class Ham.  (wow, that sounds like an insult…)

It was fun meeting new people, seeing all the faces I know from going to meetings with Jeff, and hearing on the morning radio nets.  It was fun having a massive barbeque.

What I didn’t get before I went, and still don’t get now, is the purpose for ‘contesting’.  Which consists of calling people on the radio on different frequencies, exchanging call signs and location codes, and…that’s it.  Logging the contact.  All the contacts get sent to the national radio center and you get recognition for making the most contacts.  Why, I don’t understand.  So your club gets points for being the most pushy, loud, and talkative?  Um…OK.

Now, the emergency preparedness aspect of it, I’m totally on board with.  The being able to have a conversation with anybody in the area who wants to jump in, I get.  The contesting, not so much.

And calling making a contact ‘working’ someone is just offensive to me.  I’m not a prostitute, you haven’t ‘worked’ me.  You’ve talked to me, and I’ve talked to you.  Mr. TF says I just don’t understand, and he’s right.

That’s my rant about Ham radio.

That said, I still plan on upgrading my license.  And learning morse code.  After all, there still are no strangers in this world, there are only people I haven’t had a conversation with yet.

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