I need a name for my …. farm (?)

Mr. Tin Foil went to lunch with a bunch of fellow HAM’s today.  One of the women had many many questions for him about our little 1/4 acre and how we do what we do.

Eventually, she asked what the name of our ‘farm’ is.  He replied that we didn’t have one (mostly because while I do consider what we do more than gardening, it’s a little small for a farm).  She said that of course we need a name, all farms have names!

So.  What’s is going to be?  Any ideas out there?

4 responses

  1. Free Republic of Tinfoil!

    Our place was already named when we bought it- Poignant Acres. I wonder what happened that somebody gave it that name? I just call it stony old ridge!

    • I used to know a guy who always said he was going to buy and island, declare it a nation with him as its emperor and declare war on the US so he could get money from other nations to fund his war….:)

      I actually think it might have worked, which is the sorry part.

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