Independence Days Update


1.  tomatoes — Borghese, Ida gold, Black Krim, and Amish Candy Cherries. Also a mystery tomato plant I didn’t label.  I still have pomodoro to go in the ground; I ran out of steam before I ran out of tomatoes.

2.  peppers — California Wonder green peppers, Marconi reds.  Yeah, yeah, I know the CA wonders are hybrids…I had the seeds, and we use a LOT of peppers in a year.  I want to make sure we have enough without buying them when they’re on sale and freezing them like we have in years past.  And I’m hoping the Marconi’s will produce much better than they did last year (which is not at all).

3.  bunching onions

4.  collard greens

5.  yams

6.  mystery squash that sprouted in the compost (acorn?  butternut?  pumpkin?)

7.  lima beans, the cowpeas didn’t survive the late frost.

I had quite a scare when planting the peppers; I dug a hole with my hands and screamed bloody murder when a toad hopped out of the hole!  Gloves on and hand spade after that for this girl.

I planted garlic but the bulbs are old; they’re from what I got last spring.  I’ll give it a couple days and if they don’t sprout by Monday I’ll grab some from our harvest stores.

I built three new beds over the last two weeks; this was the first.  I built it while Mr. TF was napping  — our bedroom is above this bed and I am simply amazed he slept through the work! I would like to plant either chiles or tomatoes in this but I need to extend the fence around this part of the front yard first.  I’m not sharing any more of my stuff with javelinas, thank you!

Not a good picture due to the shade, but my little fig tree is LOVING being in the ground!  It’s leafing out like mad, and I hope it grows some as well.  It’s too young to hope for figs, but next year I hope to get a little crop.  I planted peas around the base, hoping they’ll give it a little nitrogen boost as they grow.

These are the other two new beds.  I built the farther one yesterday.  Mr. Tin Foil helped with putting soil and manure into it as it took me much longer than I had expected, due to needing to dig out weeds, fill in holes from the potatoes last year, and pull weeds.  The closer one has potatoes of various sorts, mystery squash, and collard greens.  The farther one has yams so far.  I am considering putting tomatoes in there as well; the yam vines will help retain moisture at the roots I am hoping.  The cut up barrels are what I grew potatoes in last year; I have volunteer potatoes in the closest one and I am considering using the others to grow strawberries maybe next year; I may also just move them closer to the fence and grow my cucumbers and zucchetta in them.  I have a ready made trellis in the fence, why not use it?

All of the new beds have weed cloth at the base, cardboard above that, manure, and soil mix.  I bought bags and bags of manure to compliment my compost because we simply don’t produce enough to replace what we use via the plants every year (yet).  I need to buy still more, and probably 8 or 10 bags more of soil for the further plans for expansion.  I think that was part of my problem last year; I didn’t have enough organic matter in the new beds and my harvest suffered as a result (like the peppers never growing, for instance).

Tomorrow is another weaving class, and a mandatory training session for work in the evening.  So this is my last day of vacation.  I ended up with eight days of consecutive time off, which is more than I’ve had in I think the last three years.  I’m not ready to go back, but I have had a chance to evaluate my source of discontent.  Part of it is, quite simply, I get no time to spend with my friends and family in spiritual communion or even just friendly togetherness.  I work on every coffee meet, I work most of our holidays, and I work most regular holidays too.  That and the fact that my weekend with three days in a row (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) literally takes me two weeks to recover from because of how my schedule works.  I dread those weekends.  I need to either drop one of those days entirely or I need to reschedule one of them for a different day, if at all possible.  I have developed a greater and greater stress, frustration and exhaustion with my job since my schedule was changed to this schedule, when I was still working the mid shift, and it’s only continued to worsen even with changing to days.  Going back to school certainly hasn’t helped matters, either….

I have my yearly evaluation coming up probably as soon as I go back on Friday.  I’m not anticipating anything great, but at least now I have had time to meditate, and to meditate on my reasons for discontent, and to try to find solutions.

A completely gratuitous photo of my granddaughter; her parents came out to our campsite to visit while we were camping and we went on a short hike.  She’s a perfect little tree elf!

The creek and canyon across from our campsite.  There’s a cattle trail next to the creek, and we walked a little way along that with the kids and baby.  She really loved being outside!  She was fascinated by the water.

It was very good getting to basically spend the weekend with friends and family I don’t see nearly often enough.  I hope we’ll be able to do this more; I hope things work out for me at work so we can.

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  1. Love the beds! You’ve been a busy girl!

    I so miss living in a place a fig would be happy! I’d love a yard crop of figs (or lemons or grapefruit or avocados…)

    Can’t wait to visit AZ in August!

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