The law got amended.

Which is as it should be; the very part I pointed out as being troublesome was amended to say arrested or detained rather than reasonable suspicion.  Amendments to SB 1070

Too bad Pearce shows himself to be a racist ass by these leaked emails.  Thankfully Koboch exercised restraint and common sense.  I am unable to find the article which quotes parts of these emails but surely ‘cars on blocks in the yard’ isn’t a reason to create a whole new bill to target ‘Mexicans’.  I’m pretty sure every city and municipality already has statutes in place to handle this problem, make them use them for Pete’s sake!

And regarding the ‘need’ to carry papers at all times, as though that were something new:  federal law requires that aliens carry papers at all times anyway. That has been in place since the 40’s.  Not new, people.  Plus, most people come from a place where they must carry papers at all times.  Nothing new here, just mandates to enforce laws already on the books…finally.

Pro\’s Ranch Markets fires 300 working illegally. I heard that some of the managers got fired too for helping the illegals get their forged documents.  At least legal citizens get a chance at a job now with the firings.  This is a small help for Arizona’s crap economy.

Relating to the crap economy:  I have heard that we NEED the illegals to pick our food for us.  Now, call me crazy, but isn’t that kind of a racist statement on its own?  Like legal citizens of whatever color/creed/ethnicity are too good for that, or too weak for it?  It seems to me that with the problem of obesity on the rise in this country, and an unofficial unemployment rate that is over 17% last time I checked, and with many people’s unemployment emergency extensions about to run out and NOT be renewed,  that working in the fields for minimum wage is a sight better than not working at all.  And that people will look at those sorts of jobs much more kindly vs. not eating or living on the street.  I could be wrong, but I’ve been in that situation and that was my take.

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