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Arizona Senate Bill 1070

I’ve read the entire bill.  I could have been a lawyer in a different life, and I sometimes think my best place would be reviewing documents or as a legal nurse.  I always read the fine print.  Having said that, I think this bill is solid, with the exception of the following subsection:


THAT section may give them trouble if they don’t define that more clearly; training on exactly what constitutes a violation of this subsection is going to be a must for officers.  If I were an officer I would just stay away from detaining anybody on that particular subsection because there are lots of other parts of this law that are clearer and more definitive and will stick in court.

I heard on the BBC World Service yesterday that Mexican activists are planning to come to Arizona “and walk around and try to get arrested” so that they can sue the state for being detained under this law. Well, good luck with that.  And I’m assuming you will use our public defender system to cost us money on both sides of the equation?

I also read a quote by a 13 year old Phoenix resident who thinks he won’t be able to walk to school or be on the street anymore because he’s convinced he’ll be detained by “pigs” out to get him because he’s Hispanic.  Now, this kid is an American citizen but based on his response I would bet that his parent(s) aren’t.  I would also bet that he gets AHCCCS, food stamps, and welfare provided to his parent(s) because of his legal status as a citizen.  Calling police ‘pigs’.  Nice, that.  Great quote for a paper to print.

And that right there gets to the heart of the matter regarding this law.  And this problem.  Waving a Mexican flag because you want to enjoy the benefits of American life without actually becoming an American — paying taxes, being respectful of the culture and laws, and learning the language — just shows the real agenda of many of the people up in arms about this law.  You see, they benefit tremendously in economic terms by the fact that laws already on the books are hamstrung in enforcement terms.  If I could work under the table, no matter if I took a 30% or more pay cut, I could still live VERY WELL. If I didn’t have to pay taxes, got welfare, food stamps, and health insurance/care provided to me at no charge, I could live VERY WELL.

I’m getting tired of being punished because I choose to be a productive citizen and work legally, to pay my taxes, and to be a responsible citizen.

Obama (blech) made a big speech to the Tea Partiers (blech) at tax time telling them they ought to thank him for tax cuts that benefitted them.  Well, I got news for him.  The nominal tax rate might have decreased, but the fact that many, many deductions were taken away for us meant that we owed money again this year anyway.  So my actual tax rate increased.  And we are living basically of one income, mine.  And believe me, I don’t make that much.  So what does that do for my motivation to work?  It decreases it, dramatically.  Why work overtime when it kills me in taxes?  Why take a second job to help make ends meet when I get financially punished for it?  Why work my butt off to provide tax revenue for people who don’t give a rat’s ass anyway and are simply here to game the system?

There are many people in this country asking the very same questions.  Revolution’s a comin’ folks.

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  1. I totally agree this bill was needed and I am living in NJ! I read a out what is happening in your state and am for legal immigration through the proper channels and all that but not the illegals that are draining your state and many others.
    I do have one question though, the blech after Tea Partiers. I was wondering what that is about since the one thing they do all agree on is lower taxes and less government which might actually help the states more. I truthfully would rather pay more in state taxes that stayed in the state and helped the people living in the state than in more federal taxes. But then again I am also tired of the entitlements everyone gets any more and truthfully think the name for them is wrong because they are NOT entitled to get food, health care and lodging from my taxes, from my charity choices yes, but not my taxes. That should be going to the roads, schools and possibly seniors. I was reading about a Tea Partier who was running in Florida and saying that Social Security should be phased back to you collect later in life. He said it could be phased in so that those collecting now wouldn’t be affected, those close to collecting would wait a few more months. I feel those that are just starting work shouldn’t have to pay in at all because it really should be phased out. Hubby said he would gladly not collect SS IF they gave him a lump sum check for what he has already paid in. He has worked for 36 years and has paid in a good amount so I totally understand this. If they stop collecting and returned the money and then just paid who they have left on it, eventually it could be phased out. It is not making money now but losing 10 million a year I also read (sorry but I can’ t recall where). So either we do something to stop the losing or we end it for people not on it yet. But and here is the kicker, how would we pay all those who have put into it. That I have no idea, but frankly if you print money to pay off (bailout) GM and AIG you can do it for the real people in this country. Now that would jump start the economy. But I know that it will never happen. Soon we will be on our property in a pole barn because the house can’t be started until this one sells. Then we can get the house built if there is time before the SHTF. I already told my close friends to come out if they need to. One of them has lost their house recently because of this mess. Sorry to rant and vent but yours is the blog I read the most about this because you are in tune with these things.
    Take care and good luck in school.

  2. Adele, I don’t like the Tea Party because I haven’t met a single one yet who doesn’t worship Glenn Beck. In my opinion he’s a fraud capitalizing on the average citizen’s discontent and complete lack of critical thinking skills. I also haven’t met a single Tea Partier who doesn’t watch Fox News as their sole news source.

    In my opinion, you need to read a wide variety of news sources, both within one’s own country and without, in order to get a sense of what is going on — really — and to develop some critical thinking skills to evaluate what you read. For instance, in any study, find out WHO IS PAYING FOR IT. That will give you an idea of whether the results can be trusted. The same goes for news: who pays Fox News’ advertising? Who owns them? Where are Murdoch’s investments concentrated? Believe me, that reflects on what is being broadcast.

    In an earlier post I described my political and personal viewpoints. I’m not able to side with anyone completely. I DO believe in a social contract; whether that contract is fulfilled by charities or by government, or some sort of middle ground is where the differences between me and others become apparent. This is deserving of a post on its own, because the history of ‘entitlement’ programs is not what most in America think it is, and believe it or not, the American Medical Association is now reaping the results of their 130 year campaign to wipe out group insurance pools. Sadly, most doctors don’t even realize this.

    I support the right to keep and bear arms; I am not a member of the NRA because too many of them are outright racists and would jump at the chance to enforce their own version of Jim Crow laws.

    I am registered as a Democrat because I can’t vote in the primaries in my state unless I’m registered with a party, but realistically I’m independent. I’m not mainstream in my religious or spiritual affiliation either.

    The issues that Tea Partiers are up in arms about I can sympathize with, but there again we have to talk about critical thinking skills. Saying with one part of one’s mouth that we can’t have universal health care because it’s socialism while in the other part of one’s mouth saying the government should keep their hands off Medicare is just retarded. Medicare IS socialism in action. And, BTW, socialism is NOT interchangeable with communism. Very different systems, very different ideologies, and predictably different results.

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