Or maybe not.

I logged onto the college site to check if any final grades had been posted…and had an announcement for the homework due for a new class that I knew nothing about!!  Not sure what happened there but one of the other students in my online class posted that she hadn’t known she was signed up either.

It snowed today; I’m very glad I didn’t put my tomato plants out yet.

My weaving class is going well and I am anxious to get my sampler done so I can move onto my next project, which will be on my own loom!  We did the calculations today, and I used a warping board for the first time.  All I can say is that doing it makes it much easier to understand; I have read about 10 different books, looked at the pictures, and still couldn’t understand what the heck was going on.  Now I get it.  Sort of.  Enough to have warp tied to lease sticks on my loom, anyway.  Thank the Gods there are still people to teach this stuff!  If I had done it on my own I can guarantee I would have screwed it up.  I know this because I tried to measure out a warp myself at home, but chickened out when it came to cutting it. I wound it back on the cone, luckily, and still have the yarn to use later.

I’m going camping at the end of this month.  I need the down time, but with this new class I’m not sure how ‘down’ this trip will be.  Mr. Tin Foil and I are bottling our homebrew tonight; it’ll only be in the bottle 10 days but I plan to drink it anyway.  It’s been aging in the carboy for two months so all the maturing it’s going to do I think has already been done.  It just might not be quite as bubbly as it could be.

So this is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.  How did I spend my Earth Day?  Well, I drove 50 miles to the far side of Prescott and back, bought yarn imported from Turkey for my next weaving project, and then drove to 65 miles to Phoenix and back to buy a book for my class.  Not very conservationist of me.  Ah well.  Sometimes it can’t be helped.  I want to learn to weave and that’s where the class is, and I don’t want to have to drop the college class so I had to go get the book.  I’m not driving to the actual class, anyway, they’re all online.

On the using stores front, I’m introducing Mr. Tin Foil to the joys of eggs and cheese as main dishes.  In the process we’re using up all kinds of frozen and dried goodies from last year.  I really like having the bottom of the freezer gradually show up as we use up all we stored.  It makes me look forward to filling it up again.

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