So, why is an English paper covering this but not any American outlets??

The Guardian has this happy article posted that has been linked to by many in the Peak Oil movement.  I haven’t seen a single American news outlet cover this yet though.  Why not?  It’s research done by our own military, for cripes sake, and it affects national security in a big way!

What does this mean for me?  Well, for one thing I think it means I’m screwed no matter what I do.  Get out of debt?  Not a chance.

And I’m still fighting with Mr. Tin Foil about getting a wood stove.  He’s worried that putting the pipe through the roof might make it leak.  I’m worried that I might not be able to cook!  Let alone heat; we have done without central heating for two years now, but we do still use space heaters in places like the bathroom, and a heated mattress pad on the bed.  We are signed up for the program with our utility company that gives us 100% of our electricity from wind and solar, but if they have problems we’ll have no electricity regardless.

Water.  Still our biggest concern.  I don’t have nearly the storage capacity I need, nor do I have the solar pump or hand powered pump I need to use it.

I drive 60 miles one way to work; getting a job closer isn’t really an option at this time.  DH drives 75 miles one way.  We have a Prius, but only one of us can use it, and it still uses gas.  Big problem no matter how you look at it.  No gas = no money.  And no house ultimately.

It seems I’m always a day late and a dollar short, no matter what I do.  Guess I’ll go finish knitting my sock.  At least that I can accomplish.

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