Half. com. What a ripoff.

I posted a textbook on half.com because I’m done with the class. Not only does the site now tell me what I can charge for the book, it also charges a 15% fee for the listing — its commission– and only reimburses a flat rate for shipping.

Wish I’d known about all those changes before I listed my textbook. Now I’m getting about 25 dollars on a 60 dollar book, which I could probably have sold locally for much more.

AND they only pay you twice monthly, which means they get to use my money and earn interest on it ON TOP of the commission.

Ripoff artists.

No more half.com

Is there any decent online selling place any more????

ETA:  I’ve been a long time customer, and have sold textbooks through them (as well as buying) for years.  I haven’t sold anything in the last year or so, and I really wasn’t aware of these changes prior to the sale of the book.

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  1. Purchasing textbooks is such a joke. Students shell out an extra hundred-thousand dollars for books that they will more than likely only use for the semester, & be able to resell for 50% IF THEIR LUCKY, after the fact. Like college costs aren’t already high enough here.

    Lucky for me, the college I attended allowed students to rent books as part of our tuition costs. I believe it was $50 or so included in our tuition each semester. Kids used the books multiple years for classes, while the university resold them by the time the newest editions were in demand.

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