Independence Days Imbolc 2010

Happy Groundhog Day, Brigid’s Day, Candlemas, Imbolc, whatever you like to call it!

I am very tired.  I spent the part of the night holding a flashlight in my mouth, fighting off a javelina (yes, fighting, with a shovel–I didn’t want to hurt it but I didn’t want to get hurt either) that destroyed my fence in several places and ate all my winter crops (and was trying to eat my chickens when I caught him).  Then I hit my face on something in the bedroom because it was dark and I didn’t see it.  Then today I had to repair the fence, haul rock, and clean up the mess he left.  I’m still not done, but the rest will have to wait until this afternoon.

All 50 of my tomato sprouts came up, and 47 of the peppers did.  Only one of the spinach has shown its face, most of the eggplant, all of the broccoli and cabbage, and the yams are sprouting.  The lettuce finally came up, but the sage and the chives are no shows, so I’ll replant soon.  Later today will be occupied (after the rest of the fence repair) by transplanting the tomatoes into bigger pots so I can use the sprouting tray again later.

Eat the food:  we only have two or three jars of spaghetti sauce left, which is a crisis since we eat spaghetti a LOT.  Organic local sausage is surprisingly affordable so I buy probably 4 lbs a month of that, and we have spaghetti or tortellini about once a week (and leftovers as well).  Made bread.  Frozen veggies. Egg drop soup with chard.

I checked on the dill pickles I had fermenting in a crock on the counter; they’re not as crispy as I had hoped but after all this time I’m not surprised.  What I AM surprised about is that not only are they still good, they’re very good!  I put them into mason jars and into the fridge.  Easy cheap snack food that doesn’t have HFCS, preservatives, fat, or even many calories.

The bunnies are molting, so they’ve been getting groomed and plucked frequently; Mr. Tin Foil wants me to clip them like I did last time, but they’re outside now and I don’t want them to get too cold — it gets down to about 29-30 at night here.

I’m sad we don’t have any winter veggies at all now.  I told DH I was getting electric fence and a pellet gun, to which he replied I should get a bow — makes no noise and we can pit roast the pig.  It’s a lovely thought, but I’m sure our neighbors might have something to say about me hanging a javelina from the tree and butchering it….then again I can always share, hush meat if you will.  I know the javelina are only here because it’s the end of winter and there’s not much left for them to eat in the desert, and the spring flush hasn’t come yet, but still.

On the upside, I designed my first pattern based on looking at someone else’s headband.  I’m going to sell them on my Etsy shop .

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