Maddening. And Fascinating.

Mr. TF and I went out to dinner tonight with my FIL and one of Jeff’s fellow HAM operators; the fellow was a professor of anthropology for many years and both taught and did research.

The fascinating part was listening to the professor’s stories, asking questions, discussing religion and life.

The maddening part was my FIL trying to push Glenn Beck as though he’s the next Great White Hope (bad pun most definitely intended) and QUOTING his book as though it were his own thoughts during dinner. Just because I think Glenn Beck is an amoral ass who uses his position to be an agitator and nothing more doesn’t mean I haven’t read his book or at least parts of it, seen his show, or ever heard him speak.

I think it’s very sad that my FIL is apparently so motivated by fear that he can’t see the fact that we actually are very much on the same page about the things in our lives that matter on the grand scale of things that he insists on labeling me as a liberal and thereby dismissing anything I (or anyone who thinks like me in the slightest) might have to say.  He went on a tirade about entitlements and how we have too many of them in this country.  I said, “Ok, well then if you think so then you should be the first one to give them up.  Let’s see you give up your social security and medicare as an example to the rest of us.”  I seriously thought he was going to come over the table and throttle me for a moment…seems there are only too many entitlements when they’re someone else’s…

2 responses

  1. There are a lot of older people my husband included who would give up their Social Security (when he actually qualifies for it, still too young) if the government would pay them what they have already put into it. If they stopped collecting for SS from the people now, cancelled the program except for those who have already paid into it and then paid them a lump sum for the amount they paid in, they might be more willing to get off of it, Right now they feel entitled to it because they paid so much into it. My kids know that even though they are paying now, it will probably not be there when they reach retirement age. I am a conservative and I do agree there are too many programs out there. With more and more people signing up for them every day. Let them keep the Social Security, medicare and medicaide. What they need to do is get people off their butts and out working again. During this major recession we are in though, I doubt that will happen any time soon. I do think each child should be medically covered by their state if the family can’t afford medical, but I also think that most parents now take their kids to the doctor for runny noses and viruses other things that there is no real cure for. Rest and fluids are the best things for an ailing child as an ailing adult. The more people start being responsible for themselves and the things they do the sooner we will be able to become empowered, not enslaved.
    The programs were put in place to help people, unfortunately people seem to expect it now and a large amount don’t try to better themselves and get off of the assistance, but just continue to live off the government and expect more. We need less government, less programs to support people and more programs to empower them to start doing for themselves and to stop with the ‘you owe me attitude’. I totally understand where your FIL is coming from, both in wanting to get rid of programs and yet keeping his SS that he paid for his whole working life. If they gave it to him in a lump some for him to use/invest how he chooses, he might feel differently about wanting to throttle you for the comment.
    Just my two cents and my humble opinion.

    • I agree about many people expecting it now; I wrote a piece called Entitlements some time ago about that very thing.

      People can’t work if there’s no work to be had; I recently heard a story of a girl who applied for a job that was a part of the stimulus package of jobs. She was hired, but so were four other girls for the same position — so she has a job and can no longer collect unemployment nor pay her bills — because the job was for 20 hours a week. She works four hours a week along with the other four girls. Tell me how that is good management and anything other than liars poker with people’s lives in the name of making up numbers that look good? “We’ve saved or created 5 jobs with this money!” I don’t think there are any jobs that will be had any time soon either, not real jobs anyway.

      We manufacture NOTHING. We’re a nation of consumers consuming cheap plastic crap made in another country by essentially slave labor. We need to begin working on our infrastructure — electric grid, power sources, public transportation, food security. None of these things are happening though, and these would give real jobs and real security to our nation.

      I do believe people should take responsibility for themselves, but we have allowed ourselves to be seduced when the entitlement programs benefit ourselves in some way to say nothing. We get what we allowed. Now we have to deal with it.

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