New year, new goals, new chance to mess it all up :)

I decided to go back to school for my bachelor’s.  Today in fact was my first day of class.   I don’t care so much about having it, but it means a little more money. Most importantly, it opens many doors for future advancement. Whether or not the world comes to an end financially this year, I plan to continue on this journey as long as I am able.  I am really starting to realize that my special interest lies more in preventative health care.  Especially since nearly everything I see in the ED is due to preventable illness or lack of forethought.  I like my job but I leave my job many more days than I would like with a little sadness that so many things are so messed up for so many people.

I made nearly all of our holiday gifts we gave this year, with a few exceptions; some things I just can’t knit, spin, sew, or cook!

We also made nearly all the food for the holidays from stores, and from scratch, other than the free range turkey for the big family get together.

We had a wonderful Solstice get together with friends, and even though we had to leave early so I could get to bed and go to work the next day it was worth being kind of tired.

Lots of stuff has happened at work recently that has been fodder for blogging but I have to sit down long enough to sort it out first.

I believe the first signs of the collapse are visible. I couldn’t get mantles for my Aladdin lamp because there was a problem with the manufacturer…in China I assume as most things are made there now a days. My thyroid medication is back ordered due to supply issues with the manufacturer and I have found a compounding pharmacy that makes a bio-identical product but at a much higher price. Which I’ll happily pay versus not having. Much fewer cars on the freeway on most days that I go to work than there were even last year. Many more people in the ER who don’t have insurance of any kind. Organic chicken feed being chronically out of stock at my local feed store. The local Home Depot being so empty that I can get not one, but three employees to help when I go.

We got a used cage to rehome the bunnies in, and are in the process of getting it habitable for them. As is typical for me, it has turned into a much more complicated project than I first envisioned — I’m not sure if I just overly simplify everything, think I’m a lot faster at stuff than I am, or if I just attract Murphy and his law since it was my birth name.

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