Oh yeah. I remember why I love my husband now.

This is my refrigerator.  Isn’t it clean?  My husband did this on his day off, while I was working.  I’m keeping this picture as a reminder of how totally awesome this guy is, so I can look at it when I want to scream and throw things at him later ;), and remember how awesome he is and why we are still together.  (hint:  it’s not because I’m so awesome)

We have had a rocky several years, and a VERY rocky year this year.  But, things are working out.  The fact that he likes cleaning the fridge is one of the reasons 🙂 along with the fact that we still like each other and like spending time together.

On the yarn front:  I went to the spinning store and the very first thing I set eyes on was the matching fiber to my glove.  Score!  I had gotten the fiber from my spinning instructor when I took the class (again) last year.  I spun up enough to make another glove and I am working on finishing that today.  Only problem is my spinning is MUCH better than it was then, and the gloves are two different sizes.  Looks like I’ll be spinning up another batch to match the second and remake the first glove.  Now the question is what to do with a lone left glove?

Houston, we have a problem.

This is a three quarters finished fingerless glove.  I spun the yarn.  The problem lies in the fact that I can’t remember where I got this fiber from, nor do I know where I can get more.  And I do not have enough to finish a second glove if I complete the first.

So my dilemma is this:  do I frog it (rip it, rip it), or do I try to find something to match???

Funny how the skein seemed so large when I started, and how fast it’s been used up.  I even knew basically how much yardage I had, but I ignored it.  So I have no one to blame but myself.