And now bunny tragedy.

I am a very bad, very irresponsible bunny farmer.

I purchased two English Angora rabbits at our county fair; they have been making bunny love every since I got them although at first they were separated (they are masterminds at figuring out how to get to each other), and since Gracie was never pregnant, I figured that George was sterile and, hey, why not let them do their thing?  Just to be on the safe side, I would check Gracie’s abdomen, feeling for babies, every few days, but I never felt anything.  She never felt heavier, she never acted like she was pregnant.  So, outside they went.

I worked three days in a row at the hospital, and a fourth shift from noon to midnight at the ambulance company; got off late there and didn’t get home until 230 am.  Needless to say, I waited until the morning to check on the bunnies.  Big mistake.

I went outside to feed and water them and found five dead babies, all either outside the cage or next to the cage wall.  Cold and dead.  They were very large, healthy looking babies other than being dead.  I was horrified.  Had I known she was pregnant, I would have brought her into the house, for one thing, and made sure she had a better nesting box than her litter box, for another.

Words can’t say how terrible I feel.

Project for today is to either purchase another large cage so they can be separated or to buy stuff to build another larger hutch that can also keep them separated.  And to get some turf so they have a place to romp outside.  Separately, until it gets warmer and I feel more comfortable about having babies.

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