Happy Thanksgiving!

I worked.  Time and a half, and a wonderful day with no more than 4 people in triage at a time, and no more than 80% of our beds filled at any given time. The patients I dealt with and cared for were pleasant and positive, and really needed to be there.  Docs were in a good mood, we had a potluck meal, and everything was as perfect as a holiday without family can possibly be.

I got to go home early which was great, but it was only 20 min early.  I wished several times I had brought my knitting; I had so much free time in between patients I could have knit a sock — literally !!  One my my coworkers said however that if I HAD brought it I would have merely jinxed myself and never would have had time to actually touch it.  Definitely a point for those of us who are superstitious…

Tomorrow we have our family meal — much of it not local, but all of it made from true scratch — pie from pie pumpkins, cherry cobbler from cherries saved this year; bread from fresh ground grain.  The sugar is organic coop unrefined, the butter is local to the state and organically produced.  Veggies from the back yard, partly.

Four days off beginning tomorrow.  I NEED those four days off.  I want to be mentally as far away from my career choice as possible; I need to simply be a knitter, farmer, and carpenter to get my head screwed back on and be mentally ready to go back.

I hope your holiday was as good as mine was today, and will be tomorrow.  And I truly give thanks for what our efforts have produced, for the anchoring stability of family, for opportunities, and for forgiveness.     May there be cause for even more thanksgiving next year!

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