Rocket Stove. Ripping Success!

Well, the title says it all.

DH thought I was insane (what else is new?) when I made my model of Vavrek’s rocket stove (link to the Google video is on a previous post).  I put off using it, and put it off, and put it off until I forgot about it in the summer heat.

I brought it out to our campsite with us, and we fired it up.  Lo and behold, it worked amazingly well!  Not only did it burn clean — like no smoke smell at all — but we grilled burgers on it.  Which was a mistake as they  dripped grease on it, and that smoked.  And I had a mess to clean afterward.  But, converts were made.

DH was even so impressed with it that we fired it up in the back yard for our neighbor to see, and gave him some links on making a bigger one.  He was quite fascinated and I think my tinkerer neighbor will be making his own for experimenting with as well.  DH wants to make a bigger one, and use one instead of buying a wood stove or use it for portable heating.  I would also like to do that — I have seen stoves with the pipe running out a window (top pane) with the pane seasonally taken out in favor of insulated plywood.  I don’t know that I would feel comfortable doing that with a regular wood stove, but doing it with a stove where the main by products are CO2 and water vapor would probably be OK.

I’ll post pictures when I get a barrel and work on a heat circulation chamber.

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