Auction time

Mr. TF and I went to an auction the first weekend of November.  I haven’t been to an auction since I was a child so I was really looking forward to it.  The auction is a twice a year gig — they travel to the midwest and bring back stuff for auction; I’m not sure what the family does for income in the meantime although I suppose they probably ‘chair’ other auctions around the state as they are an auction house.  They had a gun auction with some antiques going on at the same time as the household antiques and an antique farm equipment auction right after those.  This actually took all day, and they were still going at sunset when we left, at around 6pm.

I had forgotten the sheer amount of talking that goes on!  Some of the auctioneers did their thing nonstop from 9am to past 1pm before being spelled.  It was pretty amazing, really.  We saw one of the auctioneers come into the bar/grill we ate at before going home; I can’t imagine wanting to even have a radio turned on let alone be around people after a day like that.  Just goes to show that I’m not cut out to be an auctioneer I guess.

I came home with a few prizes, and more that I got out bid on.  Some of the things I got out bid on were a vintage egg incubator from 1933 with all of the parts intact, including a newspaper article announcing its release, and the owners manual; an intact Aladdin lamp; and three pickling crocks.  I did get, however, a scythe (which I’ve been wanting for years and couldn’t afford new), a hand drill, a hand crank grinder, and most importantly, a second pressure canner!  It’s a National No. 7 with wood handles (!) and the original gauge.  I spent…wait for it….$5 on it!  I was the only bidder!  It’s complete with the owner’s manual, and all I need to get is the gauge pressure tested and a new rubber seal.

new canner

Everyone at the auction was laughing when I bid on, and won, one of the scythes.  They asked what a little lady was going to do with one, and I said ‘cut my grass’ which made them laugh even more.  One guy told me “Halloween is over you know.”  I actually plan to do some guerilla gardening and plant a crop of  native winter wheat in the next few weeks, and I’ll need the scythe in the not too distant future to harvest my crop.  They had one European style scythe and the rest were American; I got the best of the lot of Americans.  The wood is a little dry rotted, but the blade is straight with very little rust.  It will get me through my little sessions of scything, at least for this year.

scythe blade

Mr. TF won a “Junior Electroformer” which we have not the faintest idea what it is, or does.  It’s black melamine from what looks like the 30’s or 40’s.  It’s in the picture of the other stuff we bought below.  He Googled it and found nothing, but it does have a patent number on the back so we may be able to find out more information using that.

more auction stuff

The one thing I didn’t take a picture of was the ice tongs that came with the Electroformer.  Why those two came as a lot we still can’t figure out!  So we are now the proud owners of a set of bright orange painted ice tongs. And that was our day at the auction.  The guns were the primary reason we went, but they all were selling for WAY more than we could afford.

Off topic completely –

One of my coworkers had a death in the family so I covered one of her shifts.  It was overtime for me, which was a blessing as Mr. TF still isn’t getting very many shifts at his job.  NOW I remember why I got a second job rather than work overtime.  48 hours in one week in an emergency room is simply too much for me.  When I do that I hate people, I hate my job, I don’t even want to talk or be around anyone when I come home.  It’s just too much.  So, after two days of my four off this week, I’m not quite ready to go back but I have definitely been refreshed on why I don’t answer the phone on my days off.  I have a job that is a good one, and for the most part I like what I do, and working overtime just sucks the life out of me.  It’s not worth it at any price.

On the Independence Days front, I had to replant the lettuce.  Not sure what happened there, but all the sprouts died.  Same for the cabbage.  The beets, kohlrabi, and broccoli are doing very well, the leeks are finally sprouting, and I planted orach yesterday.  Today I’ll plant mache.

The bunnies went outside for the first time last night.  I fretted all night but they were fine this morning.  I do need to get some plywood and lumber to build them a nicer hutch to protect them from the elements though.  And get some sod to waste water on in my side yard so they have a place to graze and enjoy the sunshine.

The problem with our water usage wasn’t the hot water heater, it was that a pipe had corroded and burst under the house.  We were losing hot water in a constant pressurized stream under the house.  So I’m sure our propane usage was skyrocketing also, without us realizing it.  The good news was it was less than $200 for the plumber to fix.  That was the money we had budgeted for two new tires for my car though, so I’ve been driving a little more carefully than normal in case I have a blowout while driving.

My oldest son isn’t able to come for Christmas this year, which saddens me as I asked for, and got both Christmas Eve and Day off this year for the first time in MANY years.  But we still plan to have a big dinner and have all the family that’s willing to come, along with all the friends as feel like eating instead of cooking, over for dinner.  Much of what we eat will be from stores put up over the summer, which still seems amazing to me.  The turkey won’t be local, but it will be from a pasture raised flock.

It is still hard for me to be constantly thinking ahead to the next season when it comes to planning mode.  Fantasy mode, it’s easy.  Brass tacks ‘what exactly do I have to have on hand and when do I have to start it’ not so much.  I’m working on it though.  My fantasy garden won’t come to life unless I do the grunt work to make it happen.


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