Human Tragedy

Today was a very difficult day at work.

Youngish to middle aged man (under 50) called 911 complaining of chest pain and shortness of breath.  By the time EMS got to his house, he was unconscious.  By the time he got to us, they were doing CPR.

We worked him.  For so very long.  We couldn’t stop as long as there was the faintest chance, nobody wanted to stop.  He would rally and then fade, just a little more every time.  He appeared fit, like a runner’s body; he obviously spent a lot of time outdoors as well.

He wanted to live.  He really wanted to live.  I can’t go into detail but believe me when I say that he fought very very hard, and he at some level had to have known what was happening.  Problem was his heart just couldn’t do it, couldn’t make him live.  Too much damage.

I see a lot of death in my profession, but I don’t see stuff like this very often.  He left a preteen son, a wife, and extended family.

May the Gods speed his soul on its journey home.

May They comfort his family and help them to mend someday.

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  1. DW had a hard time coming home from work last night. I totally understand – I’ve had calls like that. Usually I use the SEP approach to medicine (Somebody Else’s Problem) and that makes it easier, but every once in a while a tragic call like this comes along. Things happen for a reason that we don’t understand, no matter what your faith. And that makes it all the harder when a loved one is lost.

    Blessings and a safe passage to the husband and father who was lost.

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