Let the flaming begin :)

I’m not a politically correct person.  I believe in speaking the truth, with compassion, but bluntly.

Therefore, this is my opinion.

As far as I am concerned, after doing days and days and days of research on the topic of global warming, climate change, the ‘hockey stick’, tree ring data, etc I have come to this conclusion:

If you still don’t believe, after all the good solid evidence out there that has been there since the 30’s in some cases, you are one of the following:

1. deliberately deceptive

2. willfully ignorant


3. just plain stupid.

I don’t know which and I don’t care.  Take your pick.

7 responses

  1. Direct and to the point, and can’t fault the conclusion. May I respectfully suggest that a few links to good resources for those that seek to be informed? These are good, but there’s many more out there.

    The Global Warming Debate
    Climate Literacy Handbook
    References for Debating Science Deniers

  2. Wow, you’re angry. I understand, I hit that point every other day or so. Problem is, I never get rid of the anger is – or perhaps that’s not a problem, but a good thing. But it does tire me out, makes me tongue tied, silent…

  3. Well, angry only as arises out of frustration. You simply can’t reason with these people. They have their agenda, they have their beliefs like it’s a religion or something akin to one, and that’s it. But boy, do they try to prosetylize!

  4. I agree with you 100%. Anyone who denies or doubts climate change is wrong, and getting all of us in trouble.

    I am looking to start Transition in my community and am assessing the population of my town and the information packages that are out there. There must be one package for them, with the vocabulary, the sense of urgency, the sense of self-interest too, and the degree of authority, that will shake them and make them see. It’s hard, and (I admit) I haven’t even considered the possibility of deniers who might stand up and contradict me. I’m just looking at those who haven’t thought ab out it yet…

    So hard!

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