And the list just keeps getting longer.

To Do:

Finish shearing my bunnies; since I’m new to this I’m slow and by the time I got done with both buns’ back and sides, we were both exhausted and complete nervous wrecks.  Tummies still need to be done which I need help for — they won’t lie still even with holding their heads between my knees like demonstrated on the internet.

Build an outdoor rabbit hutch.

Make more laundry soap; I was going to do that this morning, but I’m out of Fels Naptha….crap.

Finish the first Yule gift I started. And start on about 10 more.

Sew Jeff’s cloak together.  And cut out the lining (which shall be put in later, probably no time between now and when it’s needed).

Find the really nice clasp we bought to put on the cloak at a ball last year. Yeah, good luck with that.  I saw it about 6 weeks ago, haven’t seen it since….

Finish carding the corriedale I bought to make myself an Aran sweater with.

Finish carding the lamb fleece for Yule scarves.

Finish my new apron.

Make my holiday scrubs.  All four of them.

Clean the bunny floor.

Plant my fall crops, which seems silly as it’s about 80 degrees outside right now.

Move the lettuce box and begin laying the foundation for the stone patio in the back yard.

Make stone raised beds next to the house.

Finish painting the house and trim (!).

Go ALL THE WAY to Tempe to give my part time boss copies of my new ACLS CPR and PALS cards, so I can do my ride alongs and begin working.  I got hired months ago, they were supposed to schedule me for the ride alongs so I could get familiar with the computer charting…didn’t happen.  What DID happen is that they call me about every three days to work, which I can’t do because I haven’t completed my ride alongs.  Had a talk with my boss about that yesterday, it’s supposed to be taken care of today when I take copies of all my new cards.  Which is good, except that I don’t want to drive 160 miles today!  Well, the good part is that since I moved to days and took a nearly $600 paycut, I know I’ll have regular work at my part time job based on how often they call me!

Oh, and yeah…do all the regular household tasks like vacuum, laundry, etc….riiiiight.  I’ll get right on that, as soon as all the above is done.

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