Let the flaming begin :)

I’m not a politically correct person.  I believe in speaking the truth, with compassion, but bluntly.

Therefore, this is my opinion.

As far as I am concerned, after doing days and days and days of research on the topic of global warming, climate change, the ‘hockey stick’, tree ring data, etc I have come to this conclusion:

If you still don’t believe, after all the good solid evidence out there that has been there since the 30’s in some cases, you are one of the following:

1. deliberately deceptive

2. willfully ignorant


3. just plain stupid.

I don’t know which and I don’t care.  Take your pick.

And the list just keeps getting longer.

To Do:

Finish shearing my bunnies; since I’m new to this I’m slow and by the time I got done with both buns’ back and sides, we were both exhausted and complete nervous wrecks.  Tummies still need to be done which I need help for — they won’t lie still even with holding their heads between my knees like demonstrated on the internet.

Build an outdoor rabbit hutch.

Make more laundry soap; I was going to do that this morning, but I’m out of Fels Naptha….crap.

Finish the first Yule gift I started. And start on about 10 more.

Sew Jeff’s cloak together.  And cut out the lining (which shall be put in later, probably no time between now and when it’s needed).

Find the really nice clasp we bought to put on the cloak at a ball last year. Yeah, good luck with that.  I saw it about 6 weeks ago, haven’t seen it since….

Finish carding the corriedale I bought to make myself an Aran sweater with.

Finish carding the lamb fleece for Yule scarves.

Finish my new apron.

Make my holiday scrubs.  All four of them.

Clean the bunny floor.

Plant my fall crops, which seems silly as it’s about 80 degrees outside right now.

Move the lettuce box and begin laying the foundation for the stone patio in the back yard.

Make stone raised beds next to the house.

Finish painting the house and trim (!).

Go ALL THE WAY to Tempe to give my part time boss copies of my new ACLS CPR and PALS cards, so I can do my ride alongs and begin working.  I got hired months ago, they were supposed to schedule me for the ride alongs so I could get familiar with the computer charting…didn’t happen.  What DID happen is that they call me about every three days to work, which I can’t do because I haven’t completed my ride alongs.  Had a talk with my boss about that yesterday, it’s supposed to be taken care of today when I take copies of all my new cards.  Which is good, except that I don’t want to drive 160 miles today!  Well, the good part is that since I moved to days and took a nearly $600 paycut, I know I’ll have regular work at my part time job based on how often they call me!

Oh, and yeah…do all the regular household tasks like vacuum, laundry, etc….riiiiight.  I’ll get right on that, as soon as all the above is done.

Logical Fallacies and Conflations

My husband and I got in a huge fight this past weekend.  In fact, it was the biggest fight, lasting several days (and is still sputtering along right now, although most of the fire is out) that we have had since we nearly broke up.

What was this fight over?  Global warming.

It seems that several of the HAMS in his local group fancy themselves climatologists and are determined to make a myth of global warming and climate change.  In fact, when DH first brought up some contradictory information to them regarding the evidence, they shot him down and directed him to several blogs and websites devoted to debunking them.  He read them, was impressed by the ‘data’ and phoned me on my way home from work to insist I read this ‘new’ information.  It really blew him away.  When I refused and said I could pretty much guarantee the sites were funded, either directly or indirectly by big oil or other such groups he accused me of being closed minded…whence ensued the fight.

It took me literally 7 minutes of research on the internet to find the major funding groups for those sites (which I’m not naming by name because I refuse to drive ANY traffic to them) and lo and behold, there it was….ExxonMobile, Phillip Morris, RJ Reynolds, … you get the idea.  One of the sites was a blog by a supposed meterologist whose major contention is that people are fudging temperatures in order to create the global warming myth.  When I pointed out to DH that the graphs posted that supposedly contradict whatever evidence they are trying to debunk have no attributions for where the data was gathered, nor do they have any study information, and no baseline for understanding the graphs, he at first didn’t understand what I was saying.  I also stated quite explicitly that those in his group wouldn’t care that their data was cherry picked and flawed just the same as the data they were supposedly refuting, and that they have a vested interest in debunking it due to the psychology of previous investment.  No one wants to face the fact that they are personally responsible for the mess we’re in now, and no one wants to have less than they do now.

The next morning, on the morning net, he pointed out when the usual talk got started the fact that those sites were in fact funded by the above mentioned groups and was told he could not bring that up because it was bringing politics into it.  So he was effectively shot down for pointing out that there might be corruption of their data the same as the stuff they were trying to debunk — for instance, the major item of discussion recently is the fact that supposedly the data in Gore’s movie, specifically the tree ring data, was cherry picked from only one tree.  Now that might be so, but it doesn’t change the fact that other things pointed out in the movie, and the news from all over the world supports the idea that the climate is getting unstable as compared to previous millennia.

He did receive emails from the moderator of the group, and wrote back saying that if pointing out the funding sources was wrong, then they shouldn’t be using data from private websites or blogs, either, and stick only to govt published data.  In response, he received an email back with info that suggested (again) that weather monitoring sites were corrupted by being placed at airports, in cities, in trash burn barrels, etc.

What the hell?  I asked my husband.  So, the fact that Sky Harbor Airport is a giant heat island in Phoenix due to the massive amount of blacktop, IS hotter than the surrounding area, doesn’t count?  The fact that the heat ripples out in waves to the surrounding area and makes it hotter doesn’t matter?  The fact that Phoenix itself is a giant heat island that you can feel until you get a good 15 miles outside of the city (where there is a DISTINCT ambient temperature drop, quite abruptly) doesn’t matter?  Really?  And no one on this net thinks this doesn’t affect local weather patterns, just like forest fires do when they get to a certain size?  And that doesn’t in turn affect larger areas of weather? The fact that we haven’t had a 10 year flood in about 15 years doesn’t matter?  The fact that our own area used to get a lot more rain when Phoenix metro area was smaller doesn’t matter?  Really?  Because one of the weather stations is at the airport it’s spurious data?  Even though the effects are real and verifiable by anyone especially on a summer day?

I also keep pointing out that people in his group are conflating global warming with climate change.  They have some similarities, but they are NOT the same.  The terms are NOT interchangeable.   Yet every time they bring up climate change, the data they refer to is dedicated to debunking global warming.  Yes, parts of the world are getting hotter…and some are getting colder.  Most are getting extremes in both directions with little of the relative stability in weather patterns one could count on as in times past.  It doesn’t take a climatologist to read stories worldwide to see this pattern starting to emerge.  DH did also bring this up on the net and was told flatly it didn’t matter because they were only coincidences, not data.  Eh???  Yes, singly, they are coincidences…but together they add up to something more, as I pointed out.

I guess I pay closer attention because I view my garden as one of my major sources of food, not just a hobby.  It means more to me what the weather is, because it affects my crops.  It means more to me because I have to know what the weather is going to probably be like in days and weeks to come so I can plan my rotations and future crops.  If there is no stability in the weather (and there hasn’t been in a while) I can’t plan, my plants can’t grow well, and my harvest suffers as a result.

What it comes down to I guess is that for me, as I keep telling Mr. Tin foil, is that I only need to look out my window to see there’s a problem.  That’s all that matters to me.  I have no need, nor desire, to convince those that are determined not to be convinced (or those who say they’re still in doubt like Mr. TF) because my garden gives me all the proof I need.

In addition, my garden is going to be one of my primary food sources, if my fears regarding our economy come to pass.  Our agriculture is completely dependent on fossil fuels, easy credit, and government subsidies.  If our economy slides down any further, and I see no reason to believe it won’t, there are going to be supply interruptions, lack of credit for farmers, increased costs, and so on.  Climate change is only a part of the larger picture.

Yavapai County Fair

The first weekend of October marked the county fair this year.  It began on the first and ran until the fourth when everything so laboriously set up was torn down and exhausted fair goers and entrants alike made their journeys home.

The first marked my mother’s birthday as well; she would have been 67 had she still been alive.  It seemed fitting that I would find out the fate of my fiber arts entries on her birthday, after all she is the one who taught me the love for domestic arts.

My entries were turned in the weekend before, and I waited anxiously to see the judges’ decisions on the quality of my work.  I am very hard on myself but I was sure they would be even harder, and although I always learn from criticism, I dread, like anyone else, seeing it applied to my own work.

This is what I found when we made our way to the Home Making Arts area:

Blue Ribbon Aranand this:

Blue Ribbon Socks

I can’t tell you how shocked I was, especially when I saw some of the other entries!  And the comments were actually only good ones.  So I guess my work is better than I thought.  Maybe I CAN make a go of selling some of my stuff. (and sorry about the photo, black socks are impossible to photograph!)

And besides my prize winning entries, THESE are what I brought home from the fair:

George and Gracie

Angora Bunnies!  They both are show bunnies but I don’t plan to show them.  I plan to spin their wool.  They did have fancy names a half page long, but for us they’re George and Gracie.  Mr. TF says they look like shnauzers, which they actually do in a strange sort of way.  Much less yippy than schnauzers though. 😉

I got a breeding pair because although I got a killer deal on these two (the former owner is getting out of angoras entirely to concentrate on a different, rare breed) I would like to at least make my money and expenses back.   As with my chickens, if they pay for themselves it’s fabulous.  And I really think that’s all one can expect from most small livestock — that they cover their expenses.  That still makes them cheaper than purchasing finished product from a commercial enterprise, which is after all covering expenses AND making a profit.  I can see that, within reason, but I just can’t justify for myself losing the personal connection with my animals that would entail.

George is kind of a pain.  He is not as friendly, and loses patience with being brushed very quickly, and squirms and bites.  So he’s already been shorn, even though his coat wasn’t as long or as thick as it should have been.  Gracie on the other hand is a true cuddle bunny.  She loves to be held, is very patient, and hasn’t ever even tried to bite even when I know I hurt her (accidentally, of course).

George is however best friends already with my spinning assistant Barry (one of our cats).  They tear all over the house and play slap and tickle — under supervision of course; they are after all predator and prey.  That has been a huge side benefit I didn’t think of — Barry can be very co dependent because our other cat really can’t stand him most of the time.  She’s old and crochety, he’s young and full of energy, and you can imagine the results of that combo.  So a playmate for him is great for all of us.

I didn’t pick the bunnies up until the last day of the fair, when I picked up my entries; George didn’t win a prize but Gracie won best of show.  He’s won in previous shows, he has two legs of three whatever that means.  I did get pedigrees for them both so I can add to that if I sell any babies.

Now, yes, I DID get them for their fiber.  But I also had a secondary intent in mind.  Manure!!  Rabbits are prodigious poopers, and their manure is the only manure you can directly place on plants without burning the roots.  I plan to compost their manure along with the chicken manure for my garden beds.  That alone will save me money in the long run; manure is the best fertilizer, and I get my own fertility as a side benefit from my animals.  Yay!