Availability of pharmaceuticals?

So, got a question for anybody who reads this blog…

I am hypothyroid, have been so for many years; it runs in my family.

Stoneleigh over at The Automatic Earth says that pharmaceuticals will be unavailable in probably 5 years, due to economic collapse and the lack of infrastructure to get meds, even were they made, to the places where they will be used.  That leaves me with about 3 years of living after I quit taking my thyroid meds going by my mother’s example.

What do you all suggest for avoiding my possibly premature death?  I’m not sure I can stockpile this, I get it directly from my doctor who gets it from Canada — which incidentally is the only place it’s made (Armour Thyroid, it’s not synthetic like Synthroid and contains both T3 and T4 unlike Synthroid).

Anybody ever heard of repairing a thyroid that’s gone kaput?

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  1. Hi- I don’t know how long thyroid supplement can be stored, but I bet it’s a long time in an unsealed container. Perhaps your doctor can write you a prescription for a 6-12 months worth, get that Rx filled and just keep it with the emergency supplies. Natural thyroid comes from a critter (swine I think), so I imagine down the road somebody would think about medicines derived from animal tissues, and save the parts needed to come up with some substitute.

    • Thanks Julia!

      I went to the site and there appears to be no ‘cure’ for an underactive thyroid; there is however a synthetic thyroid medication comparable to Armour thyroid that I can possibly get a prescription for and throw in the freezer.

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