Independence Days

Plant:  nope

Harvest:  tomatoes, cucumbers, green and chile peppers, basil.

Preserve:  pesto.  Hatch chiles that were on a killer sale for 50 cents a pound.

Manage wastes:  well, I haven’t been very good at this one.  We’ve thrown away lots of leftovers recently.

Eat the food:  relish, sauerkraut, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, chiles, pesto, onions.

Build community food systems:  sold more eggs at work.  I need more chickens if that’s to be a viable side business, and nope I won’t be doing that.

I’ve been feeling the need to find land.  Here are my requirements:  at least two acres, with water rights, near a water source but above flood level, no more than an extra 30 min to my work.  Electricity is totally optional as I can work off of solar and wood.

I’m really bummed.  I bought a used drum carder thinking I was getting a good deal; I then had to purchase new carding cloth.  Now I have a drum carder I can’t seem to make work right because apparently I’ve put the cloth on the little wheel wrong.  This after about 5 hours of work between me and Mr. TF.   Why o why didn’t I just buy a new one????  Gah.

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