New baby bling

Baby bling

Baby bling

I’ve been working like a fiend on finishing the sweater for the new little one (who thankfully is not like her father and actually gets places early, apparently) along with a bonnet and booties.  I mean, like hours every day that I’m off, and even when I’m in class (I fall asleep if I sit more than about 15 min so it’s less disruptive to the class than pacing).   I still don’t have the booties done, but I do have the bonnet and sweater done.  Of course, she will SWIM in these, they’re six month sized and she was less than 7 at birth.  So why I thought it was so danged important to get done before she was born – which obviously didn’t happen – I really can’t tell you.

And I’m so fickle.  I sit and knit to my heart’s content for hours, and I still look longingly at my spinning wheel…fickle, fickle fiber fiend I am.  Although I have to admit,  it has been a fascinating exercise in construction techniques; the pattern dates from 1946.  Hard to believe the baby modeling it is now getting social security.

My son is looking forward to coming up to dye some hand spun superwash merino for his daughter with me; we are planning on using koolaid dye since it’s about as nontoxic as I can get.  He CAN knit but hasn’t for many years and won’t start again now, I’m afraid.  He does like the art part of it, and I think it will be a fun afternoon with the new little family (Mommy and Little One will come too, of course).

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