Too Much to Do, Too Little Time

My first grandbaby is due in about 3 weeks; the layette set I’ve been knitting and ripping for months still isn’t ready.  It is finally proceeding nicely though (I switched to a pattern that doesn’t require me to continually drop stitches and start over) and I hope at least the jacket and booties will be ready by then.  I’m also knitting some stuffed toys for her.  I had to make two trips to town to get the stuffing as I forgot it the first time (even though I was at the craft shop).

I have 5 pounds or more of tomatoes in those green bags that are supposed to retard the rotting process in my fridge, with about that many more on my counter awaiting being made into – something.  I am running out of storage jars, storage space in the freezer, and the will to do this after all I’ve done so far.  I was planning on saucing the tomatoes into more spaghetti sauce, but I flatly refuse to blanche, peel, and seed any further tomatoes by hand.  Four hours twice now is plenty, especially since the heat makes my tomatoes pretty small.  Five pounds of juliet grape sized tomatoes having all that done really, really, really sucks.  Did I mention it sucks?  It does.  They’re very flavorful but very small.  I did order a saucer/seeder from Seeds from Italy, but they’re on back order and I’m not sure I will win the race between when my tomatoes start to rot and when the saucer gets here.  I am hoping I do though.

Mr. Tin Foil just picked another monster cucumber from the garden, it has to weigh three pounds all by itself.  So I have another five pounds of cukes to start fermenting, or maybe I’ll make relish this time.

My canning class is this Saturday, yay!  I am excited about that, because I want to start making my own chilis and such.  The only thing holding me back is fear, due to ignorance and lack of experience.  This class will hopefully take care of that.

I need to get my fall crops started.  If I don’t get them planted soon, they won’t be ready by the time it gets cool.

I want to start spinning again…as soon as I get caught up on everything else that has a deadline.

Oh, and yeah.  Work.  Gotta fit that in there somewhere, or I won’t have a house/garden/spinning wheel to stress about anyway.

I need a personal assistant.  My cat is failing miserably at the job.

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