New blog links

I finally decided to add the blogs that I read that don’t have a lot to do with peak oil, financial collapse, doom and gloom.  And some that do, but are funny in a guffaw, laugh out loud sort of way.

As you might be able to tell, I’m a fiber nut as well…I literally have a room full of alpaca fiber, angora,  unwashed wool from various breeds, nice roving, silk fiber, yarns of all sorts in bins boxes, and bags, cloth scraps saved from previous projects as well as cloth purchased for future ones, embroidery thread, …well you get the idea. Some people collect shoes or purses.  I collect fiber.  Scrooge had his vault of gold coins; I have my bags of alpaca.  We both feel wealthy when we spend time with our loot.

Anyway, if you click on any of the links for crafting type stuff, I think you’ll find that they are a good read even if you’re not a fiber junkie like me.  And the photos are luscious.  Some people dream of flat screen TV’s.  I dream of silly things like spinning wheels, time to use them, faster knitting, the pure sensuous pleasure of natural fibers sliding through my hands and the beauty of the colors as they form the finished product.

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