What is up with MSM?

One of the biggest stories on BBC world service yesterday was the arrest of FORTY PEOPLE in New Jersey after a 10 year investigation.  What were they arrested for?  Well, among other things, KIDNEY TRAFFICKING, reaching all over the place — here, Israel, un named third world countries — along with money laundering, racketeering, and corruption including the taking of bribes by public officials.  I think they said two NJ city mayors were arrested, several NJ state representatives, RABBIS, and more.

How the hell do you get away with kidney trafficking for 10 years???  And why in the hell is there NOTHING on any of the news feeds that are based here in the States????

I remember seeing a CSI many years ago that dealt with someone who was killed (?) for their kidney.  I thought that really pushed the bounds of reality and that it HAD to be an urban legend.   Turns out it was pretty close to true.  Who knew???

Second story:  Please go read today’s Automatic Earth for the full story (you can link to it from the sidebar) and scroll down to the story on Obama’s healthcare plan.  WTF???  If we get a government option doctors will no longer be able to make decisions on healthcare because the govt will???

Umm….negatory, ghost rider.  Even with Medicare, there are limits on what the plan will pay, and what they will pay for, but the doctors – and I might add, the patients – are still making the decisions.  There are ‘customary and approved’ treatments, that JAMA et al say work and doctors work from those.  Some are redundant and ridiculous, and add to the overall cost of treatment, but that’s govt at work for you.

I’m getting so sick of the BS fear mongering by PEOPLE WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER, paid for by BIG INSURANCE and BIG PHARMA, spouting the party line.  The fact is, HEALTH CARE and ILLNESS CARE are NOT  synonymous.  And we can’t realistically afford illness care any more in this country any way, thanks to giving the money to the banks instead of creating it to invest in our citizens.  Who makes the decisions now about what gets covered and the rates now?  THE INSURANCE COMPANIES.  Now, let’s look at two bad options here.   Do you want the govt, as inept as it can sometimes be, but without any profit making motive, guide your health care….or do you want a company (even non profits) who is only interested in their bottom line, and in making money of your misery and suffering, to make your decisons??  I know who I vote for.

And to pretend that we can’t have socialized medicine because the GOVT will be making our healthcare decisions for us is just pissing me off in the worst way.  Because it’s so wrong.

Off the soapbox now.  Rant over.  Putting on my happy face to go to work.

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  1. I’ve commented on this before, and I’ll reiterate here…many of us do not want the government involved in health care in any way, shape, or form. Everything they touch turns to crap, and I do not want them being the deciding factor in my decisions about my own body.

    I also find it very ironic that you say the government is “without any profit making motive”. Why is it, do you think, that all of those government officials you mentioned in the opening paragraph were involved in kidney smuggling? It sure as hell wasn’t because they wanted to help people that needed kidneys and couldn’t find a willing donor.

    Let’s be clear: Insurance companies suck. There’s no denying it. But government sucks much, much, MUCH worse. And beyond that, if an insurance company breaks the law they are accountable. If the government breaks the law they either write a new law to make what they’re doing legal, or they face no consequences because the people enforcing the law are in bed with the violators.

    Government run health care is a bad idea. Frankly, government run almost-anything is a bad idea. I’d like to get them OUT of my life, not allow them even more intrusion into it.

    • I understand you but again I point out that I’m not talking about illness care, which is what everyone automatically assumes when I speak of health care. Not remotely the same thing. THAT WORKS. When government takes it up on itself to immunize all its citizens against childhood diseases, to protect citizens by making sure they have clean water and basic sanitation, that they get education in proper nutrition — and encourages them to use it, IT WORKS.

      Taking individuals that are an anomaly and trying to make them the aggregate of the whole is disingenuous and distracting to your argument. Not only that but it is dishonest to try to say that what private individuals were doing for private enrichment is analagous to govt employees acting for public benefit. I would like to point out that they are going to jail…and that the kidneys came from people assaulted, drugged, and robbed of their organs, or poor people paid a hell of a lot of money to give one up. That’s not the same as the govt saying you have to give one up because we own your care platform.

      The biggest, best thing to come out of the debacle that is the health care debate right now, is the provision for making it illegal for insurance companies to exclude people or treatments based on pre – existing conditions. That alone is good for the economy because it enables people to keep working so they don’t get so sick they have to stop; it enables them to keep making their car and house payments so they don’t get foreclosed on or repossessed; it enables people to avoid bankruptcy just to get their illness covered when it’s far too costly and far too advanced for treatment to assist much with any sort of ‘health’.

      Congress people get the best coverage in the nation. They have access to the best doctors money can buy, the best treatments, the best of everything — and they get it for life even if they only serve part of one term. This comes to them, along with a life long stipend, life insurance, security if they want it, and more I’m sure I’m not aware of. This all comes to them courtesy of ME the taxpayer. I want the same coverage they have. Period. If they can have socialized medicine it is immoral and dishonest to say that it will corrupt our ideals as a nation, or some other terrible thing, if all the taxpayers have the same benefits that a few have.

      • To be honest, Grant, I don’t think it’s a great answer either. The true answer is to keep people healthy, to live lower consumption lives, to grow more of our own food, to make medicine less specialized and technical and more accessible. It’s a never ending spiral: doctors wanted in on the money and respect of the midwives way back in the 1600’s so they did their best to muscle in and push them out. In turn, maternal mortality sky rocketed, which put people on the research for why and how to stop it. Meanwhile, medicine has become something that one must spend years learning in school, which only the rich can afford, rather than an apprenticeship based trade that operates on empirical knowledge accumulated over centuries. They end up coming to the same conclusions, but one is MUCH more expensive than the other, and is a self perpetuating cycle. I did a semester’s worth of research on this some years back. It was quite enlightening and depressing at the same time. Now any sort of medical schooling from certified nursing assistant right on up through doctor is damned expensive, and one is saddled with debt for years afterward so of course one wants to make a good living on top of paying back the debt. But it just keeps going and going and going. It has to start somewhere.

        I’m not trying to paint the medical field as a whole as bad, I work in it so I must have some faith in it. I do look at it from a very different perspective however. I think that the littlest intervention possible effects the whole greatly. I operate from the basis that the body wants to be healthy and all we have to do is make sure it stays that way. And that when things get out of whack, it’s not enough to simply prescribe an antibiotic, one must also look at the whole person — how did they allow their immune system to quit operating at top performance? Was it lack of sleep? Stress? Not eating right? Or some combination of those, along with something else? If one also works on getting those back into balance, then antibiotics are fine. Just antibiotics alone doesn’t fix the problem, it fixes the symptoms. And so it will come back in another form, or the same but worse.

        So, what is your answer?

  2. Oh, and one more thing: I pay over $2500 a year for insurance, and my company pays quite a bit more. If I were paying that in taxes instead, and so was my company, we could cover probably 5 people with that money rather than two (DH and me). I wouldn’t be paying out of my check any more than I already am, it would just be going to a different place.

    One of the things that really pisses me off about insurance is that I pay for years on the off chance I get sick, and when I do need it all they do is give me a hassle about when it happened, do a search on my medical records to see if it’s something they can deny, and generally give me the runaround for months before they take care of it. And I’m one of the lucky ones. What I pay every year in mostly unneeded coverage could cover a set of braces for a kid.

  3. Grant, are you in favor of toll roads, mercenary armies, rent-a-cop security forces patrolling our streets and for profit fire fighting? Because if government doesn’t do these things, then you can only benefit from the road to take your kid the the (for profit) school if you have money, if need someone to track down the guy the mugged your wife you will need to pay for a P.I. and you will need to negotiate a deal from your H.O.A to ensure that the brush fire brigade will put the fires out that are heading to your neighborhood. Will the justice system be privatized? I fail to see where your logic ends. The amount of ROI each of us gets on our taxes is phenomenal.

    If my house catches on fire I do not expect to have to negotiate a payment plan with the chief after he saves my son from the second floor bedroom. But I *DID* have to negotiate a payment plan after the life saving surgery my son had at 3 months old. That is twisted and wrong in a “civilized” country. Something needs to change.

    If the moral argument has no away on you, then perhaps the economic side will: Health Care is the single largest cause of bankruptcy in America, and the insane cost of insurance is the single largest impediment to the entrepreneurial spirit that made this country so great. I have 3 business plans in the hopper, but cannot move forward for fear of losing the health care my kids may need– and there are hundreds of thousands like me.

    Like all compromises, it will be a mixed bag. Police are corrupt in every state in this union, but I prefer that to not having any police at all and we have systems in place that work to place checks on that despite your hyperbole. I expect the same in whatever the Health Care debate brings forth.


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