Why you should always heed the distance guidelines for seed saving.

zupumkinniThis is a zupumkinni.  This is what happens when you have pumpkins growing six feet from the zucchini and they cross pollinate.  I’m letting it grow to see how big it gets and how it tastes.  Approximately half of my zucchini plants have fruit like this.  No wonder I had such terrible germination problems this year!  I did end up planting 4 more regular zucchini plants and will NOT be saving seed this year.

what the hellWhen I came home from work Sunday night this is what greeted me on the front deck.  Mr. TF doesn’t know anything about it, says there were no storms that day.  Well, that’s one HELL of a big bird roosting on it if there was no wind!  If you look closely you can see that the metal center rod/piece is bent at a 90 degree angle.  Do we have poltergeists?  We have had the back door slamming shut — hard — with no one going in or out recently, and now this.  I wish I knew.

Anyway, enough of the mystical mumbo jumbo.  I’ll save the excorcism ritual for another time, I suppose.

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  1. Or are they squmpkins? I’ve got some mutants growing in the garden too- just came up uninvited and figuring it’s food, I gave them a chance. Last year, I had yellow crookneck and scalloped squash. These interlopers are pumpkin looking things, only white and yellow!

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