Independence Days Week XI

Planted:  russet potatoes (they were organic ones sprouting in my cupboard so I figured why not?).  Cocopah sweet corn in a newly empty 4 x 4 bed that had the carrots and some garlic in it.  So far I’m not getting very good germination; if more doesn’t sprout in a couple of days I’m going to plant the rest of my hybrid sweet corn there.  I transplanted 2 chocolate pepper plants, two purple pepper plants, and two red pepper plants.  I planted all of my friend’s roma plants and the two whatever hybrids I got at the nursery.  I also planted more zucchini, pictures to follow regarding why.

Harvested:  7 lbs armenian cukes, 2 lbs red potatoes, nearly 3 lbs tomatoes, 3 japanese eggplant, and enough green chiles to roast and freeze 6 baggies worth.

Prepped/storage/reduce waste:  ordered a swamp cooler because I really don’t think our A/C unit will get us through another summer; when it was installed the retards from the MH manufacturing company used too small pipe and it’s putting a great strain on the compressor.  My friend who owns an A/C installing and maintenance business said it’s going to need to be replaced and soon, because it can’t be fixed, and the improper line size has greatly accelerated the aging of the unit.  Since I hate the senseless use of the electricity I figure we’ll just downgrade to an energy star rated window cooler and be done with it.

Six bags of roasted green chiles frozen.

Still feeding the compost bins, and I have to get my lazy butt into the chicken yard to pick up the stuff they won’t eat, like the lettuce stems and throw them into the composter.

Eat the food:  bolting lettuce to the chickens, fried eggplant with yogurt dill sauce and purple jasmine rice (gotta eat it soon, it smells like it’s beginning to turn), fried red potatoes.

Build community food systems:  nope, no time to even get to the farm stand this past week.

Still collecting rocks for our patio walls, and the raised beds I’ll be building next to the house, and for the spirals and keyhole gardens I want to put in along the fence and in the front yard.  Still trying to decide where to put the pomegranate and fig trees!

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