Quick garden update.

Well, it’s been a very strange year so far. I have lost two tomato plants to some sort of I don’t know what. They looked good and now they’re dying. They’re not even in the same bed; one had blossoms and dropped them when the leaves started to look pale and curl, the other actually had tomatoes growing on it and is now looking pale.

I bought some plants from the local nursery, and also bought some from my friend. So now I wanted to replace two dying/dead plants, and I have I think 7 now to find places for!

I also bought a chocolate pepper plant, a couple purple pepper plants, and a couple red pepper plants. I won’t be saving any pepper seeds this year because of this. The reason for these is that my marconi reds are still only about 4 inches tall and aren’t doing much at all; the starts I bought were mislabeled and turned out to be anaheim chiles. This isn’t necessarily bad as we eat a LOT of chiles but I was hoping for another bumper crop of peppers to chop and freeze. Hence the new plants.

I also bought a fig tree. It will stay in a pot until we figure out where to put it, but I’m excited to finally be making ‘major’ garden purchases: the perennials. So far we have grapes, rasberries, pomegranates, and now the fig tree. I think we’ll probably have to get a second one to make sure they pollinate though.

I spent the evening at my friend’s house shelling peas with her. It made what would have been a tedious task much more enjoyable for both of us. Yum, summer sunny sweetness captured in a little green globe!

Windy, the calf that nearly died back in April is doing spectacularly well, and is turning black like her mom.

I learned how to milk a goat this evening also. Not quite so easy as it looks, and different than I remember with cows (but that’s been MANY years ago). I think if I were to get a goat it would definitely be a time consuming procedure to milk until I got good at it. But then so was knitting, and spinning, and sewing, and playing guitar…and so on.

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