Independence Days Week VIb

I’m calling it six b so I get back on track with pretty much everyone else.

Planted:  Buckthorn

Harvested:  the first cherry tomatoes, peas, lettuce, carrots

Preserved:  made a small batch of pear butter (pears were on sale at the grocery store)  Also purchased LOTS of cherries on sale so I can make cherry preserves for the year.  They’re in the freezer until I get time to deal with them.

Reduce waste/manage stores:  bought brand new cloth napkins from the thrift store.  Purchased a pattern to make crib sheets and bumper pads from fabric I already have in storage.  Purchased and received the parts for my pressure canner so I can take it in to be checked.

Eat the food:  eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, Laban Oummo (lamb with yogurt sauce from frozen stores and stored rice).

Build community food systems:  not so much, but I sold more of my excess eggs at work. Bought more good stuff at the local farmer’s market.

DH and I made a deal with our rearward neighbor to take the large pile of river rock out of her back yard so we can build an herb spiral and to make the walls for the patio out back.  Also to build the raised beds that I’ve envisioned being next to the walls of the house since we moved in 10 years ago.

The javelina have found my beans and roses in the front yard, so I had to buy portable fence to protect them; they already ruined my pathetic little yarrow patch under one of the trees.

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