Independence Days Week VI

Planted:  nothing.  Transplanted portulaca, a relative of purslane that is sadly only for show.  But I have volunteer purslane growing in one of my flower beds.

Harvested:  lettuce, lettuce, lettuce!  Eggs, of course.  French breakfast radishes.  The pathetic spinach plants that were already bolting.

Preserved:  nothing yet.

Reduce waste:  gathered up all the cardboard boxes I’ve been hoarding, broke them down flat, and put them into the shed for use in the raised beds and under the herb spirals we will be building soon.

Managing stores:  Used stored pasta to make a pasta salad and spaghetti rather than making fresh. Used stored berries to make bread. Found stored rice where it didn’t belong and put it up front where we’ll eat it first.

Eat the food:  Pasta salad with homemade mayo, fresh eggs, local onion, pickle relish from last year’s bread and butter pickles, and frozen red pepper.  Dutch oven bread from scratch.  The last of the apricot butter.  Sauteed spinach with pak choi, local leeks, garlic, and red wine vinegar.

Build community food systems:  told a coworker about the local grass fed beef rancher 15 miles up the road from me, she wants a card so she can order.

On the bad side:  I lost a potato tower!  Admittedly it was a redneck tower with garden fence and black plastic, but it was filled with ants, grubs, and some god awful slime at the bottom.  I don’t know if we’ve been over watering or what.  I don’t water unless they look really droopy, because they’re in containers, and they’re root crops.  Well, this year is an experiment; I guess that Russian fingerlings just aren’t a good choice for the Arizona heat.  This is the second planting of these that has gone bad.

On the good side:  we got our freezer!  Mr. TF defrosted the old one, and stocked the new, and made it all nicely organized.  We haven’t put labels on anything because I’m sure it will get rearranged at least once when all the harvest starts coming in, and whenever we get a side of beef to put in it.

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