Independence Days Week V

Planted:  sunchokes, onion sets, 1 trombocino squash (two came up, one didn’t), pickling cucumbers.

Transplanted:  Harvest Gold rasberry bush, two rhubarb plants, 3 marconi red peppers, moved all the poblano peppers that did sprout into one bed.

Reduce Waste/Manage stores:  well, it rained two days so I didn’t need to water…and my plants are very happy.  Used rice from stores, beans from stores, pasta from stores (even though I really wanted fresh home made), potatoes from stores, meats from freezer.

Eat the food:  eggs, lettuce, bean soup from stored beans, frozen red peppers, frozen tomatoes (the last of last year’s). Corned beef with the last of the stored potatoes, pak choi from the garden, onion from the garden.

I lost one potato plant, I think we’ve been overwatering that pot.  We have made cages from garden fencing and black plastic so we can keep adding dirt to the potatoes.  We still need to finish, it’s surprisingly hard work and takes a lot of time to complete even with both of us working at it.

I’m so glad that Mr. Tin Foil is taking an interest.  He was an integral part of the freezer choice; he is even helping me with a project I’m doing for possible publication.  I can whip out wooden awnings like nobody’s business, but he suggested I use pvc.  Well, I’ve gone through about 4 full pieces now and still can’t get it right — I want it to look nice in addition to lasting and being inexpensive and easy to make — until Mr. Tin Foil figured out why I can’t get it right, spent 15 minutes on the internet, and ordered many of the piece I’m missing.  So, soon I’ll be posting on how to make attractive and inexpensive do it yourself awnings (redneck awnings as I call them).  My wooden ones look good, but in the Arizona sun they only last about three seasons.  I’m hoping the pvc will last longer.

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