Overtime and Spending my pay

Overtime in the last two weeks: nearly 30 hours. I’m exhausted and sick of my job. But I am putting the money to good use: new 15 cubic foot freezer and an electric rototiller I bought from a coworker.

Next purchase next payday with my overtime: pergola for the back patio area; I was going to build one but I found one at Sears that is similar dimensions to what I was going to build for just about what I would spend in materials. Yes, it will be slightly less sturdy, but I am OK with that vs. possibly not getting around to building one at all this year.

I agonized over the freezer purchase but I do plan to buy a small solar array and have the freezer ultimately run off that exclusively. That way I can be assured that even with power outages or shutoffs (Gods forbid) we will have our food supply secured.

The rototiller is for getting rid of all the bermuda; I’m planning to sow red clover in the side yard before I till it under and plant amaranth for the chickens next year. I could just let them loose and let them pick it down to the ground this year as well.

Next big purchase after the pergola/arbor: wood stove, one of the 85% efficient ones that we can get a tax rebate for. And the permit. And the installation. As soon as I call our insurance company and make sure they won’t cancel our homeowner’s insurance if we get one (we live in a modular/mobile on a foundation).

Grain mill update:  love love LOVE my new nutrimill grain mill…7 cups of flour in about 5 minutes.  My only gripe is that it is LOUD.  Like have to wear earplugs kind of loud.

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