Independence Days IV


One of my coworkers is on leave, and another is no longer working with us…so I’m getting overtime.  This is good because I can pay cash for my new freezer to hold my meat and my preserves (some of them anyway) but this is bad because I’m only getting one day off in between working 2-4 days straight.  I’m one of those people who like my job — as long as I don’t have to spend a lot of time doing it.  I’m going to be in serious need of time off after this much overtime!

Plant something:  bush beans, Purple Queen pole beans, more Marconi Red peppers, more Hopi Black Dye sunflowers, cilantro, okra, more pickling cucumbers.  Bought two Black Beauty eggplants and transplanted them.

Harvested:  Lettuce.  Onion.  Eggs.

Reduce waste:  not so much.  I need to spend time at home to be conservationally minded/abled.

Food Prep/Storage:  I broke down and bought a Nutrimill grain mill…it’s great to have the Lehman’s Best hand crank one but if it never gets used because we all HATE taking 3 hours to make 7 cups of flour, it’s not a good purchase.  I put the Lehman’s on Craigslist but no takers, so I’ll be keeping it for possible emergency use, and to grind stuff for the chickens.  That Nutrimill is LOUD but amazing.  We ground 3 cups of flour in about that many minutes.  Even Mr. Tin Foil is excited about making our own flour for bread now.  I would really like to have a Country Living mill, but the price is prohibitive right now.  And I’m certain it will only become more so, unfortunately.

Build community food systems/security:  nada.  Just talking with people about the reality of industrial production — some of my coworkers were shocked that ‘free range’ eggs really aren’t.  And were disgusted at the conditions the birds live in due to the massive crowding.  Introduced many of my coworkers to the knowledge that it is legal to have chickens (well, hens at least) in their area and that they’re easy to raise.  Hopefully there will be a few new chicken owners soon!

Eat the food:  lettuce.  Cabbage to the birds.  Onions.  Eggs.  Home canned spaghetti sauce for Mother’s Day.  Preserved red peppers and onions in the sauce.

–We’ve had to have the AC on two days in a row now; we keep it at 83 but it’s over 100 outside and mucho miserable in the house without the ac.  The cats vomit if it’s hotter than 85 and that’s yucky to walk into let me tell you!

Carnival carrots sprouting; I have two mystery plants in the containers I planted marconi red pepper seeds in…I’ll just have to let them grow and see what they end up being!

Two volunteer cantaloupe seedlings in my asparagus bed left from last year.

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