Independence Days Week III

Wow, is it the third week of this already??

Plant something:  Carnival carrots, california sweet peppers, buckthorn for the chickens, cosmos, salad burnet, swiss chard, chichiquelite (it’s supposed to reduce gas when cooking beans) cantaloupe, trombocino squash.  Transplanted:  roma seedlings (four of five died from the heat tho), an early girl cutting I rooted, bianchi eggplant seedlings (and one of them died when one of my hens dug it up), and two marconi red pepper plants as I’m hedging my bets for peppers this year.  Lots of zucchini moved to different boxes.

Harvest something:  we at our first salads from the garden this week.  Onions from the perennial bed.

Preserve:  no.

Reduce waste:  Mr. Tin Foil Hat put together the composter that fell apart so I can use it again.  It’s only May and my other two are already nearly full; now that it’s getting hotter they’ll compost down quickly though.

Preparation and Storage:  bought another 25 lbs of pastry berries to mix with the whole wheat in making breads. Got my canning jars back from my son so I can make more pickled beets and jams.  Bought a new (to me) dehydrator because mine started cooking things instead of drying them.

Building community food systems:  shared with neighbor/friend my research on water filtration systems, the pluses and minuses of each, and what we have/why.

Eat the food:  spaghetti sauce from last year’s canning, with frozen peppers from last year and onions from the garden, the first home grown salads of the year, gave cherry jam to my son.

Plans for this week:  research new bigger freezer.  Make new awnings for more windows.  Put up better chicken fencing.  Plant more jerusalem artichokes.  Make firm plans with my friend Dana to share a beef with her in the fall (hence the new freezer).  Research wood stove options/installation.  Plant more stuff.

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