Independence Days Week II

Plant something:  Purple Queen Pole Beans (my bush beans got taken by a late frost).  Anaheim Chile seeds.  Yarrow.  Echinacea.  Sunflowers — Hopi Black Dye.  Transplanted Anaheim Chile starts, a flat of 6 because I am hedging my bets.

Harvest something:  not yet.

Preserve something:  also not yet.

Reduce Waste:  does not being home count?  Mentioned the amount of waste to one of the food service workers at the hospital where I work several weeks ago, now they are reducing their take away containers, and are going to be getting reusable cups for employees.  Asked at a local restaurant about their kitchen waste (both for compost and for my chickens), still waiting to hear if I can have it.

Preparation and Storage:  hmm…I don’t think so, other than buying yet MORE seeds…

Build Community Food Systems:  yes!  Got in touch with the woman who manages the community stables — now I have access to unlimited compost via horse and goat manure and moldy hay, and have volunteered my time and skill in helping to build the community garden she is starting!  Next Saturday will be my first morning there.  Unfortunately there’s a conflict as it’s also the big yearly get-together for my town, and there’s a parade, vendors, entertainment, and a rodeo so I’ll be going to support my community.

Eat the food:  onions from the garden, eggs from my girls.

I need to take photos of the new awnings I’m in the process of making so that I can email my submission to Groovy Green…yay!

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