The (newly) dreaded tax time

Usually, Mr. Tin Foil and I have a refund from the feds which immediately goes to pay our state taxes, which we always end up owing on…not this year!

I changed my withholding so that we could afford to do some desperately needed repairs to the old homestead, and some equally needed improvements (like raised beds, fence, etc) which killed us for federal taxes; it seems that many of the deductions that were allowable in years past are not any more, and even the ones that are didn’t seem to apply to us.  Oddly enough, they all applied and we even got a very large tax credit from the state for installing our puny little rainwater harvesting system.

I’ll have to change my withholding at least twice this year, once to exempt so we can pay our debt quickly, and once again so that we don’t owe anything at the end of the year.

Oddly enough, although I’ll take a pay cut for transferring to a straight daytime position, it will help us tax-wise as we will be in a lower bracket.  Something to consider for sure.


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