Bread grinder, take 2

I bought the Lehman’s Best grain grinder this past summer, and have used it for all my grain every since. But I have to say, as I get closer to spring and I get busier with other things, I just don’t have 4 hours to devote to grinding grain every time I want to make bread. I have been looking at electric grinders on the ‘net and although the Nutrimill grinder seems to probably be my best bet, I am not willing to fork out $300 right before my taxes are due.

So, I bought a La Cucina grinder at a chef store today. It was $89 plus tax…I’ll let you know how it works as soon as I try it out. I made sure I could return it if it didn’t work first before I purchased it.

UPDATE: NOT ONLY DOESN’T IT WORK, BUT IT BROKE.  I’m glad I only put about one cup of grain into it.  Guess I’ll be leaving early for the store tomorrow to return it…what really pisses me off is the booklet has a recipe that has ground lamb AND ground wheat in it, both of which you are SUPPOSED to grind in the grinder.  Crapp.

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