Wallet Biopsy

That’s a new term to me. One of my fellow nurses made that comment regarding a pt who was upgraded from simple tele (heart monitoring) to ICU by a hospitalist.

The term means that if you have good insurance, you are going to get more and more invasive (read pricey) test, more intensive care from the staff, and better pain management, because your insurance will cover it.

I don’t know if it was true or not, but it made me think twice.

I do know that most emergency room doctors practice defensive medicine:  ordering every test under the sun to eliminate the possiblity that they may be sued for missing something.  Even when the answer is patently obvious what the person’s diagnosis is.

I had considered transferring to a different department in my company but I don’t think I will do that presently.  It would mean more normal hours, and closer to home, but it would also mean a large pay cut and a lot of monotony.  I’m not sure if the trade off is worth it at this time when I am trying so hard to cut our household costs and pay off our bills.  I think short term I’d rather bite the bullet and get the extra money so that I CAN pay the bills off and work less hours long term.

This is a revelation for me as I have been fantasizing recently about changing my job; when the opportunity presented itself though I find that I have stronger priorities than I had thought.  My goals are still the same:  to live as debt free as possible and as well as possible without debt.  I can only accomplish this if I stay where I am (well, as quickly anyway).

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