How I spent my ‘vacation’

I have five days off between my old schedule and the beginning of my new one.   I have been busy!  DH and I took a pick axe to the yard in order to level the ground where the new garden boxes are going.  I dug all the dirt and plants (and about 900 weeds) out of one of the beds that was poorly placed so that I could drag it to its new home.  Then we put the dirt into a new box and used some of our finished compost (yay!) in the new box.

the new beds, and fence

the new beds, and fence

You can see next to the cinder block beds more lumber; that will be a second 4 x 8 bed to go next to the one in the corner there.  DH thinks I’m getting a little psycho about the gardening, but I already have an offer from the produce woman at the indoor swap meet to buy my produce and I haven’t even gotten any yet!  She heard me telling someone else that I grow only organically, and said that she gets better prices for organic than regular.  Frankly, if I’m going to have to work two jobs to make ends meet, I’d rather spend my other job time in the dirt.

Yesterday I transplanted all my seedlings that are too tender to go directly into the garden, and the seedlings I am hoping to sell, to peat pots.  It surprised me how long that took!  And I had promised Mr. Tin Foil that I would only do attractive things in the front yard, but the tubs were next to free (and two of them WERE free) so up they went with all our vining veggies, and some nasturtiums and summer savory to make it prettier.

front of the front deck

front of the front deck

I’ll tie some string to the deck railings to give the peas and beans something to climb on.  On the wish list is that trellis stuff that you can get premade from stores like Home Depot, the slatted stuff.

side of the front deck

side of the front deck

I’m hoping that I won’t have a problem with the javelina in the front yard now that we’ve cut off their pathway which was through the back yard and into the front.  If we do though, I’ll just put up some fencing around the front deck as well.

I got my sweater completed and sewn together, only to find that it’s too big.  I should have made the medium size not the large…but I’m wearing it anyway, dammit!  I have to knit some i-cord to make frogs and get some snaps for behind the i-cord for reinforcement.  I didn’t want to do buttons, I didn’t like how the modelled sweater bulged in between the buttons.  It’s one of my pet peeves.  Either put a backing on the ribbing or do something else, but bulges are yucky!

Off to Home Depot tomorrow for more bags of dirt, and to finish the second new bed.  Tuesday will be my resting up day before I go back to work.

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