A day to curl up with some yarn and knitting needles

It was a dreary, cold, windy day here at the homefront.  It rained a little in the morning, and looked like it was going to rain again until about 330 in the afternoon, but it didn’t.  So, other than visiting with my chickens, and visiting with our neighbor, I didn’t get much done that was on the list.

Our newest cat, Bari, is peeing on the couch, the pillows, the laundry,…basically anywhere but in his box and I don’t know why.  We’ve gotten the enzyme stuff that removes the odor even to cats, put him in the bathroom with the litter box until he pees in it so he gets the idea, yelled when we see him peeing elsewhere (no spanking or rubbing the nose tho), and nothing helps.  The final straw was last night — I came home from work and the entire computer room reeked of cat pee.  Since I got home after midnight, I left it til today to deal with; he had literally peed the entire length of the futon, ruining an entire package of computer paper along with documents, DH’s CD case, one of my dresses I had left on it, the comforter, and a pillow.  I really don’t know what to do other than to take him to a no kill shelter; this can’t go on and DH keeps saying he’s going to call the vet to see if there’s anything she can do but he doesn’t.  I’m supposed to call tomorrow to make an appt for when he (DH) gets back from his business trip.

Days like this make me alternatly want to just go to bed, or to knit compulsively.  But.  My sweater, which I’ve been working on for months now, is still not finished.  Why, you might ask?  Well, because I STILL don’t have enough yarn, thanks to losing a portion of the skein used to finish one of the sleeves.  I won’t have enough to finish the collar I don’t think, with the skein I have left, and I definitely won’t be able to finish sewing it together.  I was on hold because I underestimated the yardage I needed when substituting yarns, and the yarn store has been OUT of this particular color since the day I wiped them out of it…and no word on when it’ll be back in stock.  So, I ordered it from a website, paid the ridiculous shipping charges, and thought I was back in business.  Until I cleaned the living room and did SOMETHING with my partial skein that would have allowed me to finish!!! I guess I just keep knitting til I run out of yarn and deal with it later.  Maybe this sweater will be finished by next cold season.

Well, at least DH helped me put up the fence that will hopefully keep out the javelina from the garden.  That was a huge weight on my back that is mostly gone.  Now I can at least begin the task of building my new boxes and sinking them into the dirt, filling them, and getting my starts into them without fear of being raided again.

I’m taking a class called Adapting in Place that Sharon Astyk and Aaron Newton are putting on.  Between the weather, my sudden loss of job security, and this class I’ve been in a sober mood lately.  I had really hoped the weather would be nicer so I could have gotten out and at least ‘blown the stink off’ as my mom used to say.  The stink in my mind from all my depressing thoughts as I contemplate the worst possible futures and try to make us ready for them needs to be blown out for a while.  The class is a positive thing, really.  It helps me frame things in a much more organized and positive light, but it is also sobering to realize just how much we too depend on cheap fuel and intact infrastructure.

Tomorrow evening I go to a presentation on rainwater harvesting, green building, and solar at the community college; my friend Little Red Raven is one of the sponsors and I am very excited to get to go to this.  I really wanted to go to Tucson, but DH invited friends over and family/community time takes precedence over road trips to meet authors, I’m afraid.  And it was a good, enjoyable, and productive evening.

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