Maybe this will be my next car…?

My son told me about this car:

I think this is way cool. In fact, I think if I got one of these my husband would quickly trade me his Prius for this car.

For a brochure, which I cannot link to at this time for some reason, go to and look for the brochure link at the bottom of the screen.

One response

  1. OK, i was a bit skeptical when the wife showed me pictures of this car online. The video is KINDA cool too.

    And no, it’s not MY Prius, it’s OUR Prius. I never claimed ownership. Not too sure I would be willing to trade the Prius in for this thing, but it IS interesting. Maybe test-driving and learning more about the car would be the best thing.

    Ya, I’m a guy, I would love a new Toyota Tundra. I’m also practical and accepted the wife’s idea of driving (get this) a Chevy Astro Van (don’t laugh TOO hard). I don’t need a Hummer H3 to prove my manhood. I’ve even taken crap about the Prius. What’s a new 3-wheeler design gonna do to my ego? Not much i’m thinkin….

    After all, I DO wear a skirt on certain weekends of the year…. LoL

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