What I’ve done recently

I have spun many sample skeins of the wools given to me as part of my spinning class.  I have some simply beautiful bamboo to spin up later tonight.  It looks like silk and is dyed a deep red that reminds me of roses. I have a new problem.  I don’t have enough spindles for my wheel!!  Why I ever thought three would be more than enough is beyond me.

I made three loaves of bread yesterday, and finally made DH happy.  I made two loaves of unbleached white flour bread just for him.  He doesn’t like the whole grain loaves, he thinks they’re too heavy.

Our home grinding of grain is still going on; DH suggests getting an attachment for the drill and using the drill to grind…kind of defeats the purpose of getting a hand powered one, but doable if I get a small solar powered battery charger.

Our best blend: either organic unbleached white flour about 50/50 with home ground wheat, or home ground pastry berries with home ground wheat.

The worst one: hard red winter wheat 60% with 40% buckwheat. Yuck. It makes bread bitter tasting, and HEAVY. Doesn’t rise well either.

I found a local source for milk, if I can get it. She gave me a sample jar, warning me it doesn’t taste like holstein milk. She was right but I don’t think it’s because she has dexters and jerseys, I think it’s because they free range on the desert plants in addition to their feed. Very rich, but definitely a different taste than the stuff you get from the store.

Pictures later; I went with my middle son to a blacksmithing demonstration by Henry Pomfret from England. Simply fascinating! A very nice bunch of people too!

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