anarchy, continued

Update:  this story from USA Today is exactly what I’m talking about, as is the story about the BART police shooting an unarmed, nonviolent man in the back while they held him down and stood on his neck.

Fascism, anyone? I swear, Orwell was a prophet not a novelist.  I truly cannot believe Kissinger actually said that in his outside voice…New World Order???

If you think I might be over-reacting, just take a good look around you.  Or read this, or this, the second of which is actually an update from the original CATO Institute document by the same name written in 1996.

I read a blog post by the wife of a police officer who says she was brought to tears by the viciousness of the people who wrote saying terrible things about the police, and protested that her husband was just not that way.  Well, having worked in the fire service for 10 years, and in Emergency Medical Services for 15, I have to disagree.  The system is set up so that the officer either becomes the paramilitary machine or gets out of the service altogether.  They are pleasant enough to those they consider in their ‘tribe’ but view basically everyone else as the ‘enemy’, dehumanizing them in order to keep any feelings of remorse or ethical behavior at bay.  Everything becomes easy to justify if you simply say ‘They had it coming” “If they wouldn’t have broken the law this wouldn’t have happened”  and so forth.  Where is the responsibility of the police to stand with the citizens they are charged with protecting, to ask why these draconian (in some cases) laws are in place and help to change them?  Those ‘animals’ they are arresting are citizens too, in most cases, and even if they aren’t still deserve to be treated with basic human dignity.  Otherwise the police are merely the government sponsored animals caging the law breaking animals.  They both wear a number and a uniform.

What happened to the idea of a police officer as a public servant?  It’s long gone, never to return.  I say, as a mostly law abiding citizen (after all, who can obey ALL the laws all the time?) that the police are NOT my friends and are NOT on my side.  The best thing to do is to stay out of their field of view.  This will only become more important in the coming years.

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