Everything old is new again, it seems

I was at the library today, returning books that were overdue (bad, BAD TFH!!) and went to peruse the books and magazines in the ‘book sale’ section.

How very bizarre to find a magazine from the 80’s that I have actually made patterns from; have been thinking about lately; and when re-reading to realize that there are several patterns that would still look good today!  One of which I made in the 80’s. Of course I bought it!  It was only 10 cents — a bargain even after 22 years!

I feel so very anti commercialism about this time of year.  I have a terrible case of Scroogism/anticonsumerism; I have always been very gift oriented — but oriented to the home made side of things.

My gift giving list:

  • zucchini bread (zucchini from the garden, home ground flour, home dried raisins)
  • soap (hand made soap, various milled recipes such as rosemary, calendula hibiscus, and milk & honey)
  • bread
  • canned jellies and jams (peach, apricot, prickly pear)
  • bath salts/salt scrubs
  • hand knit washcloths and mitts
  • hand sewn breadwarmer for keeping home baked breads warm for longer than it getting out of the oven

I know, I seem cheap compared to commercial standards.  Last year I made hand knit socks for the important people in my life.  Mostly they think I’m goofy but on the other hand, they didn’t get custom fit ANYTHING from anyone else on their gift exchange lists.

The one thing I think I hate most about working so many overtime shifts, regardless of how much the money enables me to do what I want to see done around our little homestead, is that it takes time away from me being able to have the time to make things for people.  I spend more time than I should on the computer, it’s true, but if I wasn’t working extra hours I would still have motivation – time plays into this also – to do all those things I want to do …being tired makes me just sit and wish I’d slept an hour longer.

For those of you with not much money and a desire to give simply fabulous gifts, please refer to Crunchy Chicken and her holiday gift basket ideas; I will be happily borrowing several of those to flesh out my female oriented holiday gifts.

For those of you with a bent toward the not-quite-in-the-mainstream, please refer to The Anticraft for some ideas that are truly unique.  And perfect for those of us who prefer NOT to dress in pink.  Or peach.  Or to keep our hair the color that the Gods think it should be.  Black is beautiful…especially in hand knit thigh high stockings 😉

Happy holidays!  Merry Yule!  Happy Solstice!

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