Keeping the homefront maintained

This has been the year for DOING all that we have put off for lack of funds in years past.  We finally got the house releveled, only to find that we have foundation damage and will need to spend about $1000 to get that repaired…but since it’s not an emergency type thing it is waiting til next year.  We got the eaves painted, that’s needed to be done for years, and got gutters put up — it was a good excuse for me to make ready for a rainwater harvesting system also to be put in; I have two barrels of an eventual 8 barrel system already set up.  It also prevents any further damage to the foundation which was caused from NOT having gutters.  I bought the paint to paint the house but it of course started BLOWING as soon as I got it, so that may have to wait for an unseasonably warm day when I am off for me to work on, or may even have to wait until spring.  Today, the neighbor/contractor took down our front steps, as he is pouring the footers for our new deck.  This truly was an emergency — our old steps wobbled BADLY when you went up or down them, and several of the flats on the stairs would simply flip up without notice when you were walking up or down.  The last thing I need is for somebody to fall when the stairs collapse as they’re coming in the front door!

The price for the deck is $2200 which makes me wince, but we are paying cash for this as we have for everything we’ve done this year.  So far we’re at nearly $5000 in maintenance/repair costs, and that doesn’t include my garden beds/soil/etc which can come under the heading of ‘landscaping’ (such as it is, my little redneck garden) or the chickens and coop. All of this I am happy to say we have paid cash for.  It has meant not paying off credit cards and student loans as soon as I would have liked but it DOES mean that the work is done and paid for come hell or high water.  That makes me very satisfied.

One of the first projects for the new year is making a patio of stone and sand/flagstone in the back, and putting latex roof protectant on.  Our roof is 10 years old and while it doesn’t leak, mobile homes don’t exactly have the highest quality shingles on them.  Plus, with the latex roof coating, I get less of the asphalt contaminants in my rainwater.

If TSHTF we are at least moderately prepared with all the big maintenance stuff completed now.

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